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Wonderful, What a Waste! Latest News Confuses Fans About The MCU Timeline

The timeline of the marvel universe it is becoming more and more complex and following it requires attention and rigour. It doesn’t just help between movies and TV shows in recent years the MCU has …

The timeline of the marvel universe it is becoming more and more complex and following it requires attention and rigour. It doesn’t just help between movies and TV shows in recent years the MCU has inserted various pieces here and there, with the risk (often pointed out by fans) of creating continuity problems within its universe. As has happened in recent days.

Warning: Contains spoilers for the second episode of She-Hulk!

In the second episode of She-Hulkin fact, the skein got tangled again to the point that even the show’s producer had to step in Jessica Gao to help fans understand why certain developments. At the end of the episode, in fact, the series with Tatiana Maslany reconnects directly to Shang Chi: in fact, we learn that Emile Blonsky a.k.a Abomination (interpreted by Tim Roth since The Incredible Hulk of 2008) escaped from prison and took part in an underground fight – the same one against wong seen in the movie Destin Daniel Cretton.

At this point, fans thought that at the time She-Hulk takes place during the events of Shang Chiif it was only in the post-credits scene of the movie there was a Bruce Banner Human and with the arm still attached to the body after using the Infinity Gauntlet. In the first scenes of the new series, the character actually has his arm still injured and is human because in possession of a device that prevents the transformation into a green giant.

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The incident destroys the device, however, shortly after our examination smart hulk with the fixed arm and from there comes more confusion. Self She-Hulk is set during Shang Chiwhat happened to the post-credits scene of the film? Does it remain canonical? To the rescue of fans comes Jessica Gao’s response.

The producer, during an interview with The Hollywood Reporterattempted to clarify the matter by saying: “Nope, [Bruce Banner] he was in human form in Shang-Chi because of our show and the reason we needed him is the nature of the incident. We wanted it to bleed on Jen, that’s how he gets his blood. Hulk does not bleed. You can’t hurt Hulk’s skin, certainly not with an accident. So we needed him in human form in order to donate the gamma-irradiated blood to Jen and her system. We found this reason why he is human“.

Marvel also wanted to bring the character back in human form for the Simu Liu for another reason:When we meet Bruce and Jen in the car in the first episode, we understand the end of the conversation. And this conversation is about him explaining how he found out that his arm heals best when in human form, so he created this little device that we see on him to stay human and heal his arm and then send Smart Hulk back. When the device breaks down during the accident, it transforms itself again. And since we were doing all these things, that’s why we placed Bruce as a banner in Shang-Chi“.

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Thus expressed, the explanation poses Shang Chi BEFORE the events related in She-Hulk, but does not explain for the moment the end of the second episode and the escape of Blonsky. However, we can assume that the two events (the escape and the fight with Wong) are disconnected: in the film released in September 2021, after the clash we see the Sorcerer Supreme open a portal that leads back to the prison where we saw the villain in the company of Jennifer Walters.

marvel shang-chi

The news service at the end of the second episode could therefore only be a belated leak of events that happened some time before, only spreading now that the Abomination has escaped. It seems to fragilely put all the pieces of the puzzle back together and establish that for the Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline. She-Hulk comes (not long) later Shang Chi.

What do you think? Is everything clearer or Gao’s explanation doesn’t hold water? Let us know in the comments.

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