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trailers and previews of the film Kim Rossi Stuart

From October 20 in theaters with Vision Distribution brados, third achievement for actor Kim Rossi Stuart who also co-stars in the film with Saul Nanni (My Brother Hunts Dinosaurs). The film about a subject of …

From October 20 in theaters with Vision Distribution brados, third achievement for actor Kim Rossi Stuart who also co-stars in the film with Saul Nanni (My Brother Hunts Dinosaurs). The film about a subject of Rossi Stuart is the story of a complicated father-son relationship that sees the latter forced to help the parent, who suffered an injury, to run the family ranch, a forced collaboration that will cause conflicts, but it will also heal emotional wounds, creating new and unexpected bonds.

Plot and video

The official plot: A son who wanted nothing more to do with his father is forced to help run the family ranch after he breaks a few bones. The two come together to train a recalcitrant horse to win a cross-country competition, but at the same time try to dissolve that bit of anger, hostility, resentment, that has kept them from being close for so long time. It’s a tough obstacle course that the horse must navigate, but also what the two must contend with to rebuild the love and closeness they had lost. A horse trainer, with whom the young man falls in love, will help them in this enterprise.

“Brado” is played by Saul Nanni, Kim Rossi Stuart, Barbora Bobulova, Viola Sofia Betti, Federica Pocaterra, Paola Lavini, Alma Noce, Alida Baldari Calabria.

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Brado – trailers and videos


  • Third achievement for actor Kim Rossi Stuart later Free is good too (2006) and Thomas (2016).
  • Actor Saul Nanni also starred in How to grow up despite parents, My brother hunts dinosaurs, The boys of the Zecchino d’oro, Under the sun of Riccione and he played the role of Marco in the television series Don’t tell my boss.
  • Kim Rossi Stuart is directing “Brado” from a screenplay he wrote with Massimo Gaudioso (Welcome to the South, Gomorrah, The Tale of Tales) of Kim Rossi Stuart’s short story “La Lutte”.
  • The cast supporting director Kim Rossi Sturat behind the scenes included cinematographer Matteo Cocco (On ​​My Skin), editor Alessio Rivellino (I Believe in a Father), production designer Carlo Rescigno (Here I Laugh) and costume designer Marina Roberti (Koza Nostra).
  • The film’s original music is by composer Andrea Guerra (Catholic School, Copperman, The Man Who Bought the Moon, Welcome President).
  • Kim Rossi Stuart, born in Rome in 1969, is an Italian actor and director. He acted in many films, including beyond the clouds, Pinocchio, house keys, Criminal novel, Plan alone, A matter of the heart, Vallanzasca – The Evil Angels, happy years, Wonderful Boccaccio. In 2005, he made his directorial debut with the film Free is good too, of which he is also a screenwriter and performer, followed, in 2016, by Tommaso. During his career he won a David di Donatello, three silver ribbons, two gold globes, three gold Ciaks and three Flaiano awards.
  • “Brado” is produced by Carlo Degli Esposti for Palomar, Nicola Serra (I wanted to hide myself), Vision Distribution with the contribution of the Ministry of Culture.
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The original tale

“La lotta”, the story on which “Brado” is based, is part of the book “Guarigioni”, an anthology that contains five short stories written by Kim Rossi Stuart and published by La nave di Teseo.

The official synopsis of the anthology: A fickle father and a silent child leave the city to open a merry-go-round in the mud and the solitude of the countryside; a writer repeatedly tries to really fall in love, to understand each time that he wants something else and in a completely different way; a sober little entrepreneur is devastated by the arrival of a woman who is as passionate as she is unmanageable; a skeptical, independent and confident wife suspects that she has been chosen for a mystical revelation; a rebellious priest fights against the almost total disappearance of Evil in the world. Curious, gruff, elusive, irresolute and romantic, or fragile, funny, selfish and stubborn, Kim Rossi Stuart’s characters evolve in their stories with the irregular and unpredictable course of a life that shifts signs and confuses directions, mocks and confuses them every time. Men (and women) who fight against events and their own idiosyncrasies, to try to find, if not the answers, at least the right questions to ask themselves, along a common but well-hidden thread that brings together these five stories: microcosms of love, struggle, madness and visions.

Kim Rossi Stuart’s “Healings” anthology is available on Amazon.

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