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From September 15 it debuts in Italian cinemas with Bim Distribuzione Memory, remake of a Belgian action film directed by director Martin Campbell (Casino Royale)). A hitman discovers he’s become a target after refusing to …

From September 15 it debuts in Italian cinemas with Bim Distribuzione Memory, remake of a Belgian action film directed by director Martin Campbell (Casino Royale)). A hitman discovers he’s become a target after refusing to complete a job for a dangerous criminal organization. Liam Neeson stars in the film as a killer alongside Guy Pearce and Monica Bellucci.

Plot and Cast

The official plot: Nearly retired assassin Alex Lewis (Liam Neeson) is called upon to complete one last mission. But when he discovers the target is a young girl, he refuses to complete the mission and turns against the evil organization that hired him. His journey of revenge takes him to the top of the criminal gang, led by charming El Paso real estate mogul Davana Sealman (Monica Bellucci) and her son, who hold the lives of many innocent boys in their hands. To save his life, he will have to hunt them down and kill them before they do. During this time, he is also tracked by the FBI, who in the person of agent Vincent Serra (Guy Pearce) is already on his trail.

The cast of “Memory” includes Ray Stevenson, Louis Mandylor, Stella Stocker, Ray Fearon, Antonio Jaramillo, Lee Boardman, Taj Atwal, Natalie Anderson, Ebecca Calder, Harold Torres, Atanas Srebrev, Kate Nichols, Josh Taylor, Daniel De Bourg, Scot Williams, Mia Sanchez, Trevor Van Uden, Doug Rao, Petar Kirilov, JR Esposito and Kalina Stancheva.

Memory – trailers and videos

First original language trailer released on March 15, 2022

New TV spot in original language broadcast on March 29, 2022

First Italian trailer released on May 6, 2022

New official trailer released on August 30, 2022

New Italian TV spot and extended clip released on September 1, 2022


  • “Memory” is based on the Belgian film “The Memory of a Killer” (De Zaak Alzheimer) directed by Erik van Looy.
  • “Memory” is directed by New Zealander Martin Campbell, former director of two 007s (Goldeneye, Casino Royale), The Mask of Zorro with Antonio Banderas and thriller-revenge Out of control with Mel Gibson. His most recent works are action thrillers the stranger with Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan and The protected with Michael Keaton, Maggie Q and Samuel L. Jackson.
  • The script for “Memory” is written by Dario Scardapane, who is active in the western for him Posse – The Legend of Jessie Leethe tv movie The Dark One and episodes of television series The bridge And The Punisher.

Original film and book

“Memory of a Killer” (De Zaak Alzheimer), also known by the international title The Alzheimer caseis a Belgian thriller directed by Erik van Looy in the credits of the director’s thriller The Loftwhich had an American remake with Karl Urban and James Marsden directed by Van Looy himself and the thriller The Premier – Kidnapping and Blackmail.

“Memory of a Killer” is written by Carl Joos (Alabama Monroe – A Love Story, The Premier – Kidnapping and Blackmail) and based on the novel “De zaak Alzheimer” by Jef Geeraerts.

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Jozef Adriaan Anna Geeraerts better known as Jef Geeraerts, Antwerp writer who died of a heart attack in 2015, is writing his first novel, Ik ben maar een neger (“I’m just a nigger”), a book based on his experience as a soldier in the Congo which put him forward as an extremely controversial author for his content deemed pornographic and racist. Geeraerts wrote other politically motivated “colonial” books before starting his own series Ganggreen divided into 4 parts and controversial for sexually explicit content: Ganger 1 (Black Venus), Ganggreen 2 (From Goede Moordenaar), Ganvert 3 (Het Teken van de Hond) e Ganvert 4 (Het Zevende Zegel). Geeraerts later became famous as a novelist specializing in thrillers. In total, Geeraerts wrote 35 novels, a few plays and a radio drama. Two of his books (De zaak Alzheimer and Dossier K) have become films.


  • The original music of the film is by the British composer Rupert Parkes a.k.a photok whose credits include feature film soundtracks Too big a dream, Dreaming of the ring And Life in a year – One more yearthe video game Need of speedthe documentary Mosul and TV series Post 19, In the night And The Perfect Crime Rules. Parkes and director Martin Campbell are on their second collaboration after the action thriller The protected.
  • Parkes received three consecutive Grammy nominations for Best Remixed Non-Classical Recording for Daft Punk’s “End of Line” from the film’s soundtrack. tron the legacy in 2012, Moby’s “Lie Down In Darkness” in 2013, and Bob Marley’s “One Love/People Get Ready” in 2014. His acclaimed single “Ni-Ten-Ichi-Ryu” was used in the film’s soundtrack. Blade (1998).
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1. Guadalajara 1:07
2. Hola Mamita 1:02
3. You’re nervous 0:27
4. You will see 1:33
5. Operation Sting 1:06
6. We’ll talk in the morning 0:49
7. Return to El Paso 0:57
8. Alex takes his medicine 0:34
9. Van Camp Target Package 0:42
10. You know why I’m here 2:16
11. I know how it started 0:46
12. Alex follows Vincent 1:00
13. Alex is going to kill Beatriz 1:26
14. Vincent Transition 0:35
15. Hugo tells his story 1:12
16. Vincent sees Beatriz dead 0:37
17. Shooting in a parking lot 3:28
18. Recorded phone calls 1:58
19. Alex checks files 0:49
20. Type and Trace 1:58
21. The target is on the boat 3:14
22. Put down your weapon 1:30
23. Hurt 2:00
24. Hugo checks the bakery 1:23
25. Pigeons 1:18
26. Office shooting 2:48
27. USB sticks 1:36
28. I don’t remember 1:03
29. No alcohol swab? 4:26
30. Alex is dead 0:30
31. Vincent finds the USB key 0:50

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The soundtrack of “Memory” is available on Amazon.

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