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trailer, plot, cast and previews of the film Francesca Archibugi

After the world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival and the participation as the opening film of the Rome Film Festival (October 13-23), from October 14 it will arrive in Italian cinemas with 01 …

After the world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival and the participation as the opening film of the Rome Film Festival (October 13-23), from October 14 it will arrive in Italian cinemas with 01 Distribution The Hummingbird by Francesca Archibugi. The director is back behind the camera to adapt the novel by Sandro Veronesi, winner of the Premio Strega 2020 with a cast including Pierfrancesco Favino, Nanni Moretti, Kasia Smutniak, Berenice Bejo and Laura Morante

Plot and Cast

The official plot: It is the story of the life of Marco Carrera, “the Hummingbird”, a life of fatal coincidences, losses and absolute loves. The story unfolds according to the force of memories that allow us to jump from one period to another, from one era to another, in a liquid time that goes from the early 1970s to the near future. It is at the sea that Marco meets Luisa Lattes, a beautiful and atypical girl. A love that will never be consumed and will never be extinguished, for a lifetime. His married life will be another, in Rome, with Marina and her daughter Adele. Marco will return to Florence thrown by an implacable destiny, which subjects him to very hard tests. To protect him from the most violent shocks, he will find Daniele Carradori, Marina’s psychoanalyst, who will teach Marco to welcome the most unexpected changes of direction. Le Colibri is the story of the ancestral life force, of the relentless struggle we all lead to resist what sometimes seems unbearable. Even with the powerful weapons of illusion, happiness and cheerfulness.

In the cast of the film to interpret the protagonist Marco Carrera, the “Hummingbird”, Pierfrancesco Favino, Nanni Moretti in the role of the psychoanalyst Carradori and Kasia Smutniak in that of Marina Molitor. In the role of Luisa Lattes, the great love of Marco Carrera, Berenice Bejo. Laura Morante and Sergio Albelli are Marco’s parents, as his sister Irene Fotinì Peluso and as his brother Giacomo Alessandro Tedeschi. Benedetta Porcaroli, meanwhile, is Adele, Carrera’s daughter, and Massimo Ceccherini plays the “Unnamable” Duccio.

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The Hummingbird – trailer and video


  • The film is based on the novel by Sandro Veronesi winner of the Premio Strega 2020, published in Italy in 2019 by the publishing house La Nave di Teseo and translated into 25 languages.
  • The script for “Il Colibrì” is signed by Francesca Archibugi, Laura Paolucci and Francesco Piccolo, the photography by Luca Bigazzi, the scenography is organized by Alessandro Vannucci, the costumes are by Lina Nerli Taviani and the make-up and special effects by Lorenzo Tamburini . Edition by Esmeralda Calabria.
  • Filming took place in Rome, Paris, Florence and Monte Argentario for a period of 9 weeks.
  • The production team composed of Fandango with Rai Cinema is enriched by a precious international collaboration with Les Films des Tournelles by Anne-Dominique Toussaint, who with Fandango had already produced Respiro by Emanuele Crialese. The film will be distributed in Italy by 01 Distribution.

Who is Francesca Archibugi?

Francesca was born in 1961 in Rome. There he attended the classical high school and the Experimental Cinema Center where he entered in 1983 and then graduated three years later with the short film La Guerra has just ended, thanks to which, very young, she participated in many international festivals. Francesca’s first approach to the world of cinema was through acting, but soon it would be directing and scripting that would reveal her great passions, also thanks to her association with great masters such as Furio Scarpelli, Leo Benvenuti and Ermanno Olmi. And it is Ermanno Olmi’s Ipotesi cinema that is producing the short film The deceived dream whose screenplay won him the Solinas Prize. From this recognition begins the preparation of his first feature film: cute on the left, a first work that won five David di Donatello and two silver ribbons. But the rewards will also come with the next Around evening And The big watermelon.

The original book

Sandro Veronesi was born in Florence in 1959. He graduated in architecture. Published: Where does this merry train leave for (1988), Live (1996), The hit (1990), An eye for an eye. The death penalty in four stories (1992), v.en come come B-52 (1995), The strength of the past (2000, Campiello Prize and Viareggio-Repaci Prize), Ring City (2001), Stunning (2002), No Man’s Land (2003), calm chaos (2005) has been translated into twenty countries, won the Prix Strega in 2006 and the Prix Fémina, the Prix Méditerranée in 2008, and was adapted for the cinema by Antonello Grimaldi interpreted by Nanni Moretti. Burn Troy (2007), XY (2010, Superflaiano Prize), Kisses thrown elsewhere (2012), Travels and journeys (2013), Rare earth (2014, Bagutta Prize), Do not say that. The Gospel of Mark (2015), A god is watching you (2016), dogs in summer (2018). The novel the hummingbird (2019) won the LXXIV edition of the Strega Prize (the second for the author) and was elected winner of the quality ranking of “Lecture – Corriere della sera”. Sandro Veronesi has collaborated with numerous newspapers and almost all literary magazines. He is currently collaborating with the “Corriere della sera”. He has five children and lives in Rome.

Francesca Archibugi talks about the original novel: A beautiful book in which I identified myself as if it were my autobiography. Actors of motor skill. The opportunity to tell the life of a group of men and women of different ages, and together a piece of the life of our country. I’m scared and I’m happy.

The official synopsis of the novel: Marco Carrera is the hummingbird. Her life is made up of continuous suspensions but also fatal coincidences, atrocious losses and absolute loves. It never falls to the bottom: it is an incessant movement to remain still, unshakeable, and when that is not possible, to find the point of arrest of the fall – so that surviving does not mean living less. Around him, Veronesi builds a whole world, in a liquid time that extends from the beginning of the seventies to the near and dark future, when suddenly the fruit of Marco Carrera’s resilience will shine: she is a little girl , her name is Miraijin, and he be the new man.

The novel “Il Colibrì” by Sandro Veronesi is available on Amazon.

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In the credits of the film, whose soundtrack is signed by Battista Lena, and in the trailer, an unreleased song by Sergio Endrigo and Riccardo Sinigallia called “Dear distant love”. A masterpiece found in the precious editorial catalog of Sugarmusic, in collaboration with Concertone, which Claudia Endrigo, daughter of the great singer-songwriter, wanted to entrust only to the voice of Marco Mengoni.

Photos and posters

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