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From September 22 in Italian cinemas with Wanted arrives Tuesday Club – The Talisman of Happiness (Tisgadsklubben), the romantic comedy produced in Sweden and directed by Annika Appelin. This romantic comedy about love, friendship, food …

From September 22 in Italian cinemas with Wanted arrives Tuesday Club – The Talisman of Happiness (Tisgadsklubben), the romantic comedy produced in Sweden and directed by Annika Appelin. This romantic comedy about love, friendship, food and passion features an international cast that includes Marie Richardson (Daybreak, Evil, Eyes Wide Shut) and Peter Stormare (Fargo, Minority Report, Hamilton).

Plot and Cast

The official plot: Karen (Marie Richardson) is a middle-aged woman with a happy family and a beautiful home, but when she discovers her husband Sten’s (Björn Kjellman) betrayal at the 40th wedding anniversary party, everything changes. After a life spent caring for her children and her husband, she decides it’s time to give herself a second chance: with the help of her friends and following her passion for cooking, she will find a new balance

The cast of “Tuesday Club” also includes Peter Stormare, Carina M. Johansson, Sussie Ericsson, Ida Engvoll, Maria Sid, Klas Wiljergård, Ramtin Parvaneh, Wilhelm Johansson, Ingvar Örner, Miran Kamala, Pamela Cortes Bruna, Eleonora Gröning, Venus Houman , Kenny Tinmark, Raphaël Niba, Nikolai Shervin, Marcus Frahm, Lotta Cregård, Karin Wetterlund.

Tuesday Club – trailers and videos


  • Director Annika Appelin is shooting her first feature film after directing a few shorts and two episodes of the Swedish TV series Huss.
  • “Tuesday Club” is based on a screenplay by author Anna Fredriksson based on her novel “Tisgadsklubben”.
  • The team supporting director Annika Appelin behind the scenes included cinematographer Andreas Wessberg (mystery series films Johan Falk), production designer Teresa Beale (The Boy in the Golden Pants) and costume designer Anna Karlsson (Murders). in the fjords: friends for life).
  • The shooting of the film took place in Sweden in the outskirts of Gothenburg.
  • The film is produced by Jessica Ask and Åsa Karlsson for Anagram Sverige AB in co-production with SF Studios, Film i Väst, TV 4/C More with support from the Swedish Film Institute.
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The original novel

Anna Fredriksson debuted in 2011 with The summer house. The book became a smash hit, selling over 150,000 copies. It was clear that Anna’s many years as a screenwriter gave her a huge advantage, which is a rare luxury for writers. He has worked on various productions, from feature films to television adaptations such as The bomber And Wallander. Today, however, Anna works exclusively as an author and has established herself as the undisputed queen of “Feel Real” with the “Every Season” trilogy, set in a cozy coastal town in southern Sweden. His books have sold over 700,000 copies to date. In the fall of 2022, Anna Fredriksson is back with a new novel and this time she tries her hand at suspense! “Amnesia” is a psychological thriller about identity and life choices, trust and complicated love.

The official synopsis of the novel: Karin has always led a safe and secure life, but when her husband turns into a stranger, she decides it’s time to say enough. Forgetting all caution, she enrolls in an evening class in advanced Asian cooking and has the adventure of a lifetime. The cooking class becomes her lifeline. Meet new people and discover their strengths, while her passion for the teacher, celebrity chef Henrik, grows ever more electrifying. As class draws to a close, the tension between them slowly turns into a growing attraction that leads to infatuation. Karin, who considers herself old and out of time, realizes instead that her life doesn’t need to have an expiration date. But she is truly ready to embrace her feelings and put her existence on the safe side. And above all: how can she leave her lifelong partner when she has just experienced severe trauma? “The Tuesday Club” is a Swedish version of “The Bridges of Madison County”. It’s a novel about the so-called “sandwich age,” stuck between aging parents, a partner, children, and grandchildren who all need your attention. It’s also a story of tough choices and falling madly, passionately and surprisingly in love later in life.


  • The original music of the film is by the Finnish/Norwegian composer Lasse Enersen who recently set the action comedy to music The misfits (2021) with Pierce Brosnan and Tim Roth and the Finnish action thriller Omerta 6/12 (2021). Enersen’s credits also include music for documentaries Between (2012) and Battle for Rio (2014) and video games live kung fu (2010) and High Impact Kung Fu (2011).
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1. Party 1:34
2. Karine 1:21
3. Kitchen 3:40
4. Love 2:04
5. Empowerment 2:19
6. Mother and daughter 2:18
7. Tuesday Club 1:15
8. Life is calling 1:57
9. Summer 2:37
10. Autumn Days 1:13
11. Displacement 1:46
12. The End 1:30

The soundtrack of “Tuesday Club – The Talisman of Happiness” is available on Amazon.

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