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trailer and previews of the film with Gérard Depardieu

From September 15 in Italian cinemas with Adler Entertainment Maigret, Gérard Depardieu brings one of the most beloved characters of 20th century detective fiction back to the big screen in a new cinematic incarnation directed …

From September 15 in Italian cinemas with Adler Entertainment Maigret, Gérard Depardieu brings one of the most beloved characters of 20th century detective fiction back to the big screen in a new cinematic incarnation directed by award-winning director Patrice Leconte (The Suicide Shop), based on the best-selling novels by Georges Simenon . The plot follows Maigret as he investigates the death of a young girl. There is nothing that identifies it, no one seems to know or remember.

Plot and Cast

The official plot: Paris, 1953. The body of a beautiful young woman is found in Place Ventimille, wearing an elegant evening dress. There is nothing to identify him and no witnesses. Inspector Jules Maigret (Gérard Depardieu), pensive and weary of the world, struggles to reconstruct his story and thus discovers the details of his past and his personality. In his investigation, he meets Betty (Jade Labes), a woman who bears an uncanny resemblance to the victim, but who also reminds him of someone even closer to his own life…

The cast of “Maigret” also includes Mélanie Bernier, Aurore Clément, Hervé Pierre, Elizabeth Bourgine, Clara Antoons, Pierre Moure, Bertrand Poncet, Anne Loiret, André Wilms, Philippe du Janerand, Loudia Gentil, Jean-Paul Comart, Alain Gueneau, Estelle G alarm, Moanna Ferré, Manon Kneuse and Eric Sebakhi.

Maigret – trailers and videos

Original language trailer with English subtitles released February 9, 2022

Official Italian trailer released on July 22, 2022


Director Patrice Leconte also directed Tutti pazzi in mia casa, Una Promessa, The suicide shop, The man on the train, The girl on the bridge, The hairdresser’s husband.

Patrice Leconte is directing “Maigret” from a screenplay he wrote with Jérôme Tonnerre (Belfagor – The Phantom of the Louvre, Women on the 6th Floor, A Man, a Woman Today) and from the novel by Georges Simenon “Maigret and the Dead Girl”. Tonnerre and director Patrice Leconte also collaborated on My Best Friend and Una prometsa.

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The writer Georges Simenon has published more than 200 novels under 17 different pseudonyms and another 220 under his own name.

Before the casting of Gérard Depardieu, there was Daniel Auteuil nominated for the role of Maigret.

Maigret is commissioner of the “Regional Direction of the Judicial Police of Paris: 36, Quai des Orfèvres”. Gérard Deaprdieu starred in a 2004 French crime titled “36, Quai des Orfèvres”.

The original novel

Jules Maigret (Jules Amédée François Maigret) is an imaginary detective of the French police, commissioner of the Criminal Brigade of Paris (Regional Directorate of the Judicial Police of Paris: 36, Quai des Orfèvres) created by the writer Georges Simenon. Between 1931 and 1972, 75 novels and 28 short stories with Maigret were published, starting with Pietr-le-Latton (“Maigret and the Latvian”) and ending with Maigret and Monsieur Charles (“Maigret and Monsieur Charles”). Maigret’s stories have also been adapted for television and radio.

In almost all of his investigations, Maigret went through this more or less long period of uncertainty during which, as his collaborators said in a low voice, he seemed to be brooding. In the first stage, that is to say when he was confronted with a new environment, with people of whom he knew nothing, it seemed as if he were mechanically sucking up the life around him and inflating it like a sponge (…) as long as possible before forming an opinion. Or he didn’t train it at all. He kept his judgment free until the moment when a proof was imposed on him or rather until his interlocutor did not begin to yield. [tratto da Maigret e il ladro, 1968]

The official plot of the novel: Maigret has had a bad day. Thirty hours spent struggling with three hard bones that wouldn’t talk. And as if that were not enough, at three o’clock in the morning, another mess falls on him: a stone’s throw from Pigalle, the body of a young girl in her twenties has been found. Maigret realizes at first glance that it doesn’t fit. The worn evening dress and silver stiletto shoe make you think of a trainer, but the soft, black hair and sulky face make you think of a little girl.

The novel “Maigret and the Dead Girl” is available on Amazon.

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Maigret in cinema and on TV

The character of Maigret has been the protagonist of fifteen cinematographic films (1932 – 2022), based on thirteen novels and two short stories. The writer Georges Simenon’s favorites in the role of Maigret were the French actors Pierre Renoir and Jean Gabin, the Italian Gino Cervi and the British Rupert Davies. Among the worst Simenon reported Charles Laughton and Jean Richard, the latter played Commissioner Maigret in the television series Commissioner Maigret’s investigationsbroadcast in France for more than twenty years.

Movie theater

The yellow dog by Jean Tarride (1932) – based on the novel of the same name, with Abel Tarride
The night of the crossing by Jean Renoir (1932) – based on the novel The mystery of the crossroadswith Pierre Renoir
The murder of Julien Duvivier’s villa (1932) – from the novel A man’s headwith Harry Baur
Picpus by Richard Pottier (1942) – from the novel Maigret and the Fortune Tellerwith Albert Prejean
Cecile is dead by Maurice Tourneur (1943) – based on the novel A shadow on Maigretwith Albert Prejean
The Majestic cellars by Richard Pottier (1944) – based on the novel Maigretwith Albert Prejean
The man in the Eiffel Tower by Burgess Meredith (1948) – from the novel A man’s headwith Charles Laughton
Maigret leads the investigation by Stany Cordier (1954) – based on novels A shadow on Maigret, Maigret and the big why and history We don’t kill the poor guyswith Maurice Manson
Superintendent Maigret by Jean Delannoy (1957) – based on the novel The Maigret Trapwith Jean Gabin
Maigret and the Saint-Fiacre Affair by Jean Delannoy (1959) – based on the novel The Saint Fiacre affairwith Jean Gabin
Maigret and the gangsters by Gilles Grangier (1963) – based on the novel Maigret, Lognon and the gangsterswith Jean Gabin
The difficult case of Commissioner Maigret by Alfred Weidenmann (1966) – extract from the novel The Gai-Moulin dancerwith Heinz Rühmann
Maigret in Pigalle by Mario Landi (1967) – from the novel Chez Maigret at Le Picrattwith Gino Cervi
Maigret by Patrice Leconte (2022) – based on the novel Maigret and the dead girlwith Gerard Depardieu

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Maigret (1960-1963)British television series unreleased in Italy (1960-1963) starring Rupert Davies.
Investigations by Commissioner Maigret (1964-1972)Italian TV movie in 16 episodes with Gino Cervi.
Commissioner Maigret’s investigations (1967-1990)French television series with Jean Richard.
Maigret (1980)a TV movie starring Irish actor Richard Harris
Superintendent Maigret (1991-2005)French television series with Bruno Cremer.
Maigret (1992-1993)British television series starring Michael Gambon.
Maigret (2004)two Italian TV movies with Sergio Castellitto.
Maigret (2016)British television series featuring actor and comedian Rowan Atkinson playing the commissioner.


  • The original music of the film is by the composer Bruno Coulais Oscar Nominated for Soundtrack for a Drama The choristers – The boys of the choir. Coulais’ other credits include the documentary Microcosmthe tv miniseries the count of Monte Cristo (1998) with Gérard Depardieu, the thriller rivers of purplethe remake Belfagor – The ghost of the Louvreanimated movies Coraline and the magic door And WolfWalkers – People of the Wolveshistorical drama Farewell my queenthe comedy The godmother and the thriller A Shadow of Truth.
  • The soundtrack includes the songs: “C’est si bon” di Melanie Bernier and Pierre Mouré and “Mademoiselle de Paris” by Jo Courtin.

Photos and posters

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