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Trailer And Previews Of The Film Penelope Cruz

It will be presented as a world premiere and in competition in the Official Selection of Venice 79 the immensitythe new film by director Emanuele Crialese (Terraferma) with the Oscar-winning actor Penelope Cruz with Vincenzo …

It will be presented as a world premiere and in competition in the Official Selection of Venice 79 the immensitythe new film by director Emanuele Crialese (Terraferma) with the Oscar-winning actor Penelope Cruz with Vincenzo Amato and Elena Arvigo. The film after the Lido scene will be released in Italian theaters on September 15 by Warner Bros. Italy.

Plot and Cast

The official plot: Rome, the 1970s: a world suspended between neighborhoods under construction and television varieties still in black and white, social achievements and family models now outdated. Clara and Felice (Penelope Cruz and Vincenzo Amato) have just moved into a new apartment. Their marriage is over: they no longer love each other, but they cannot separate. To keep them united, only the children, on whom Clara pours all her desire for freedom. Adriana, the eldest, has just turned twelve and is the most attentive witness to Clara’s moods and the growing tensions between her parents. The young girl rejects her name, her identity, she wants to convince everyone that she is a boy and this stubbornness brings the already fragile family balance to a breaking point. As the children wait for a sign to guide them, be it a voice from above or a song on TV, everything changes around and inside them.

The cast of the film is completed by Luana Giuliani, Patrizio Francioni, Maria Chiara Goretti, Penelope Nieto Conti, Alvia Reale, India Santella, Mariangela Granelli, Carlo Gallo, Rita De Donato, Valentina Cenni, Ilaria Giannatiempo, Elena Arvigo, Francesco Casisa, Filippo Pucillo.

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The vastness – trailers and videos


  • Emanuele Crialese directs “L’immensité” from one of his scripts written with Francesca Manieri (Il Primo Re) and Vittorio Moroni (Terraferma).
  • The team supporting Crialese behind the scenes included cinematographer Gergely Poharnok (Alaska), editor Clelio Benevento (Tre Piani), production designer Dimitri Capuani (Pinocchio) and costume designer Massimo Cantini Parrini (Favolacce).
  • “L’immensité” is an Italy-France co-production produced by Mario Gianani (Wildside), Lorenzo Gangarossa (Chapter 2), Dimitri Rassam and Ardavan Safaee with Warner Bros Pictures, Pathé Pictures the contribution of the Ministry of Culture, Canal Plus and France 3.

Director’s Notes

Immensité is the film that I have always pursued: it has always been “my next film”, but each time it gives way to another story, as if I never felt sufficiently ready, mature, confident. It’s a film about memory that needed a greater distance, another awareness. Like all my works, it is above all a film about the family: about the innocence of children, and about their relationship with a mother who could only come to life in the artistic and human encounter with Penélope Cruz, with her sensitivity and his extraordinary ability to interact with three very young non-actors who had never acted before. Luana, Patrizio and Maria Chiara have always remained children, and as such always intensely and immensely real. [Emanuele Crialese]

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Who is Emanuele Crialese?

Roman director, of Sicilian origin, born in 1965. In 1991, he moved to America to study directing at New York University, where he graduated in 1995. After shooting several short films, he made his film debut in 1997 with Once we were Strangers. With this first film, in which he recounts the friendship of two immigrants, an Italian and an Indian, who live in New York contenting themselves with a thousand jobs, Crialese takes part in Robert Redford’s Sundance Film Festival. In 1999, he collaborated, as an author, in a cinematographic treatment on Ellis Island with the producer Bob Chartoff. In 2002, he won the Semaine de la Critique at Cannes with Respiro which, after having thrilled France and having been sold in more than 30 countries around the world, also achieved considerable success in Italy. Set in harsh, sunny Lampedusa, the film stars Valeria Golino and Vincenzo Amato, also starring in Nuovomondo (2006) alongside Charlotte Gainsbourg. Nuovomondo premiered at the 63rd Venice International Film Festival where it won the Silver Lion for Breakthrough and received worldwide recognition. The film was presented in the United States by Martin Scorsese.

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  • The original music of the film is by the Spanish composer Raul Pastor Medal in art Rauelsson, born in Oregon (USA) but raised on the Spanish east coast. Rauelsson views songs as living creatures that come to have independent lives and ways of life that exist beyond the composer. He loves Hush records and sings in Spanish. Rauelsson’s film credits include music from the Swedish drama Sweetheart (2017) by Birgitte Staermose. the spanish drama The best choice (2016), TV series Anna (2021) produced by Sky and the documentary From the river to the sea (2009).

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