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trailer and previews of the film Niccolò Falsetti

After the stopover in Venice 79, in Competition in the parallel International Critics’ Week section, Margins Niccolò Falsetti’s punk comedy will debut in Italian theaters on September 8 with Fandango. The parcel The official plot: …

After the stopover in Venice 79, in Competition in the parallel International Critics’ Week section, Margins Niccolò Falsetti’s punk comedy will debut in Italian theaters on September 8 with Fandango.

The parcel

The official plot: End of summer 2008. Edoardo, Iacopo and Michele are members of a punk band from Grosseto, in the Tuscan Maremma. Tired of playing between festivals and unification parties, they finally have the opportunity to travel to Bologna to open the concert of a famous American hardcore band. Everything is ready, but on the day of departure, they receive a call from the organizers: the concert is cancelled. But the three are not giving up: if they can’t play in Bologna, La Défense will come to Grosseto! The paradoxes of the province and the grotesque mentality of its inhabitants will make organizing the concert much more difficult than expected, turning every little detail into a problem. The arrival of the Americans is inexorably approaching and, parallel to the success of the enterprise, every fixed point in the lives of the three boys is called into question, risking making them lose what they have always taken for granted: their unwavering friendship.

The cast of “Margini” includes Francesco Turbanti, Emanuele Linfatti, Matteo Creatini, Valentina Carnelutti, Nicola Rignanese, Paolo Cioni, Silvia D’Amico and Aurora Malianni.

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Margins – trailers and videos

Official trailer released on September 6, 2022


  • Niccolò Falsetti directs “Margini” from one of his scripts written with Francesco Turbanti and Tommaso Renzoni.
  • The team that supported director Niccolò Flasetti behind the scenes included director of photography Alessandro Veridiani, editors Stefano De Marco (Dubbio Made in Italy) and Roberto Di Tanna (Gli Idoli delle Donne), set designer Vito Giuseppe Zit ( Oh my God!) and costume designer Ginevra De Carolis (Diabolik).
  • The sound of the film is by Iacopo Pineschi (direct take), Jacopo Lattanzio (sound editing) and Giuseppe Saponari (mix). The film’s music is curated by Giancane (Mix live music) who collaborated on the Netflix TV series Strappare Lungo i Bordi and Alessandro Pieravanti (supervision).
  • The film is produced by Dispàrte, Manetti Bros. Film, Rai Cinema, with the contribution of the Ministry of Culture, with the support of the Lazio Region, Conad, Toscana Film Commission

Director’s Notes

A bunch of friends: ripped jeans, electric guitars, big dreams and empty pockets. Ambitions that often come up against a reality that needs to be tightened. Set in the Tuscan province, a sincere, energetic and vital punk comedy. A pop and affectionate look (even a little political) which belongs to the tradition of Italian popular cinema in the noblest sense of the term. Margini has a precious companion in Zerocalcare, also the protagonist of an amused vocal cameo.

What is a punk comedy? It’s the story of a group of friends who have a seemingly simple goal: to organize a concert with an American band in a small provincial town. What Miche, Edo and Iac still don’t know is that the noise and anger of punk struggles to coexist with the silence of their dusty Grosseto. This is how Margini was born, from the experiences lived by its two authors, from Grosseto and the musicians of a punk band, and from the realization that the province, sooner or later, becomes too narrow to contain dreams of the youngest. And that, if you don’t escape in time, you risk becoming part of the same dynamic in which it was so difficult to recognize yourself. [Niccolò Falsetti]

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Who is Niccolò Falsetti?

Niccolò Falsetti (1987) is a director, author, screenwriter and founder of the collective of authors ZERO. After the documentary Erasmus 24_7 (2013) and the Doubt Made In Italy and #coglioneNO campaigns, he has worked in the field of advertising, signing more than a hundred advertisements and branded content for Ford, Smart, Poste Italiane, Ringo, Maxibon, Star , Legambiente, Save The Children and many more. He collaborated with Filmauro to make the series Trainee (2015) and Thanks Klaus (2016), both broadcast on Sky Uno and TV8 and distributed online on Sky and RDS. He wrote and directed music videos for Danomay, Levante and Il Muro Del Canto and was co-director with the Manetti brothers. from the music video hard to beat by Max Pezzali, Nek and Francesco Renga. He won the 48Hours Film Project in Rome in 2018 with the short film The Cold War and in 2017 with That’s life. Over the years, he has collaborated on several projects of the Manetti brothers. becoming their second unit in the series Inspector Coliandro and the recent Diabolical (2021).

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Photos and posters

Photo: Francesco Rossi

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