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trailer and previews of the film Ciro D’Emilio

From September 15 in Italian cinemas with Vision Distribution For nothing in the world, the second work by director Ciro D’Emilio who returns to the cinema after “Un Giorno Soudain”, with a drama starring Guido …

From September 15 in Italian cinemas with Vision Distribution For nothing in the world, the second work by director Ciro D’Emilio who returns to the cinema after “Un Giorno Soudain”, with a drama starring Guido Caprino and Boris Isakovic. The plot tells of a bad twist of fate that leads to an immutable decision.

Plot and Cast

The official plot: Bernardo (Guido Caprino) is a fascinating, successful man, full of friends, always in the frantic search for his freedom. For a bad twist of fate one day everything changes and he finds himself faced with a choice: to accept what happened or to become someone else, to take back what life has taken from him. A decision from which he will not be able to go back, for anything in the world.

The cast of “Per niente al mondo” also includes Boris Isakovic, Irene Casagrande, Antonio Zavatteri, Diego Ribon, Antonella Attili, Valentina Carnelutti and Josafat Vagni.

For nothing in the world – trailers and videos


  • Ciro D’Emilio made his debut in 2018 with “Un Giorno Sudden”, selected in competition at Venice 75 Horizons, achieving great critical acclaim, participating in more than 70 Italian and international festivals (France, Switzerland, Japan, USA , Tunisia, China, Spain and others) and has won more than 30 awards, including the Nastro D’Argento for the best female interpretation of Anna Foglietta.
  • For this second feature film, Ciro D’Emilio reunites with Cosimo Calamini with whom he signs Subject and Screenplay.
  • The team that supported director Ciro D’Emilio behind the scenes included director of photography Salvatore Landi (Lucania – Terra Sangue Magia), set designer Antonella Di Martino (Un Giorno all’Improvviso), editor Gianluca Scarpa (I Predatori) and costume designer Veronica. Fragola (Suburre).
  • Filming took place in Rome and Friuli Venezia Giulia.
  • The original music is by composer Bruno Falanga (Regina) in his second collaboration with director Ciro D’Emilio after “Un Giorno all’Improvviso”.

Director’s Notes

For “Nothing in the World”, it is the story of a man who suffers a great injustice, but who instead of fighting against this injustice will end up fighting against himself. For what I call “a healthy and good habit”, also to give birth to the idea of ​​my second film, Cosimo Calamini and I, as has already happened for Un giorno du coup, we asked ourselves a very specific question, developing important thoughts that they then brought the story to life. Again, in the same way, we asked ourselves a fundamental question: “But what if a man unjustly arrested, once released, decides to take back everything that has been taken from him, even if it contravenes the law? ?”. Thus was born Per Niente al Mondo, a story freely inspired by real events, where the fate of a good man will suffer unforeseeable consequences. Continuing my investigation of realistic stories, this time I decided to flip the conventional narrative, characterizing the plot with three timelines that enrich the film. This movement back and forth in time offers the public the wonderful opportunity to suspend their judgment on the film and the protagonist, to confront their own prejudices and clichés that characterize each of us. The spectator, in fact, is projected directly into the story and is called upon to judge, but without being fully aware of the facts. Each character in the film has their own truth. He declares it, hides it, shouts it with all his breath. The goal is to allow the viewer to identify with each of them, and not just the protagonist. If in One day all of a sudden we, the spectators, “were” the protagonist, in Per Niente al Mondo we are Bernardo, Elia, Sergio, Giuditta, Caroti, etc. Because there is no exact rule in this story, and there is no single truth. The style of shooting, in this second adventure, appears transformed and made more complex by solutions which, in my opinion, were necessary for the narration: narrative fragmentation, with an innovative dramaturgical editing, the use of more complex camera movements, with more sophisticated devices of the technicians (such as the crane, the trolley and the stabile) which show larger scenic spaces, as well as the use of short focal lengths which allow the viewer to enter the emotional world and the three-dimensionality of the story, through a language that is not only introspective, but also spectacular. The films that inspired Per Niente al Mondo’s vision are “The Prophet” by Jacques Audiard for its stylistic strength and its direction; “21 Grammi” by Alejandro Inarritu, for the power of the visual story and close to the characters, as well as for the courageous non-linear narration; “The Wrestler” by Darren Aronofsky for the way in which the direction emphasizes both the human and the spectacular aspects of the film; “My Name is Joe” by Ken Loach for the way the value of the protagonist’s resilience is explored. Per Niente al Mondo is a detective drama, a courageous and ambitious story, but at the same time desperate, where the form of the realistic story, thanks to the formal solutions of the camera and the rhythms of the editing, rises towards a spectacle pleasure General public. [Ciro D’Emilio]

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Who is Ciro d’Emilio?

His career began in 2007, when he wrote, produced and directed his first short film entitled L’Autre. The short film, which tackles the serious problem of xenophobia, won numerous national and international awards, such as the Best European Short Film Award at the 2008 West Hollywood International Film Festival. Over the years, he has directed many Italian music videos and other short films. such as Massimo (2011), Un Return (2012) and Rain (2017). The latter receives more than 85 selections in national and international festivals, in official competition in four festivals of the Oscar circuit (Tirana Film Festival (Albania), Huesca Festival (Spain), REGARD Festival (Canada) and Odense IFF (Denmark) , winning numerous awards, such as the Vesuvio Award for Best Short Film at the Napoli Film Festival, the EuroShort Award at the Sedicicorto Film Festival and the Rai Cinema Channel Award at the Busto Arsizio Film Festival. Soudain day, written with Cosimo Calamini, produced by Lungta Film in collaboration with Rai Cinema (Finalist for the 2014 Franco Solinas Prize) Presented in official competition in the Orizzonti section of the 75th Venice International Film Festival (only Italian author under 35 of the official selection), surprises the public and the critics (defined as a “film of a truly extraordinary intensity”). ion at the David di Donatello Awards 201 9 for Best Actress and at the Nastri D’Argento 2019 a nomination for Best New Director, Best Actress Award and Guglielmo Biraghi Award for Best Emerging Actor. After more than 80 national and international festivals and no less than 35 awards, it stands out as the most awarded Italian debut album of the 2018-2019 season. In 2020 he directed with Piero Messina and Stefano Lorenzi the series L’Ora – Encre contre Plomb produced by Indiana Production and RTI. In 2021, he wrote and directed his second feature film entitled Per Niente al Mondo, produced by Vision Distribution and Lungta Film with Guido Caprino. Since 2019, he has been a member of the EFA (European Film Academy) and a juror of the European Film Awards.

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From Friday, September 16, the original soundtrack of the film will be available digitally (published by EDIZIONI CURCI), signed by the young Maestro Bruno Falanga. Born in 1987, Bruno Falanga graduated from the Conservatory of Salerno and with this soundtrack he consolidates the artistic union with the director Ciro D’Emilio, for whom he had already composed the music for his first short films and the first film “Un suddenly giorno”. On this occasion was born the collaboration with Emilio De Virgilio, sound engineer graduated from the SAE in London, sound engineer from the Air, Rufus Wainwright, and collaborator of Dave McDonald from Portishead. Recently, Falanga signed the music for the series L’ora – Encre contre lead directed by Piero Messina, Ciro D’Emilio and Stefano Lorenzi, produced by Rti and Indiana Production.

In the film, the music accompanies the protagonist Bernardo (Guido Caprino) on his journey to disintegration with electronic elements and unconventional instruments. Bernardo is a charming, successful man, full of friends, always in search of his freedom. For a bad twist of fate one day everything changes, putting him in front of a choice: to accept what happened or to become someone else, to take back what life has taken from him. A decision from which he will not be able to go back, for anything in the world.

To artistically collaborate on the soundtrack, special guest too david mcdonald by Portishead, author of the remix of “Aria”.

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The songs are written by Bruno Falanga, produced by Emilio De Virgilio and Bruno Falanga, mixed by Emilio De Virgilio.


1. Mirage
2. Out of time
3. Aerial
4. Desert
5. Illusion
6. For nothing in the world
7. Wind of Magredi
8. Poetics
9. Sigh
10. Aria Remix by Dave McDonald

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