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From September 22 in Italian cinemas with Eagle Pictures Thaddeus the Explorer 3 a.k.a Taddeo the Explorer and the Emerald Tablet, new film of the popular Spanish animation franchise “Taddeo Jones” directed by Enrique Gato, …

From September 22 in Italian cinemas with Eagle Pictures Thaddeus the Explorer 3 a.k.a Taddeo the Explorer and the Emerald Tablet, new film of the popular Spanish animation franchise “Taddeo Jones” directed by Enrique Gato, director of the two previous chapters and the animated film mike on the moon.

Plot and Cast

The official plot: Taddeo is a somewhat clumsy archaeologist and his biggest dream is to be recognized and appreciated by his colleagues, despite the fact that he often combines all the colors. When Taddeo inadvertently destroys a rare sarcophagus, an ancient curse comes to life, endangering the lives of his friends. To save Maman, Jeff and Belzoni, Taddeo and Sara will set off on an incredible adventure that will take them to the most remote corners of the planet. Will they be able to stop the curse of the Emerald Tablet without causing too much trouble?

The original cast of “Taddeo the Explorer 3” includes Óscar Barberán, Luis Posada, Michelle Jenner, Anuska Alborg, Alexandra Jiménez, Tito Valverde, Cecilia Suárez, José Corbacho, Berta Cortés, Pablo Gómez, Manuel Burque, Roser Aldabó, Gloria González , Marcel Navarro, Ben Cura, Rafael Parra, Iker Jiménez.

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Taddeo the Explorer 3 – trailer and video


  • Director Enrique Gato (Mike on the Moon) directs Thaddeus the Explorer 3 from a screenplay written by Josep Gatell and Manuel Burque (C’est pour ton bien). Gato directed the previous two chapters and the short film the franchise is based on.
  • In the English-dubbed version of all three films in the franchise, Tad’s last name changed from Jones to Stones.
    Iker Jiménez, famous Spanish journalist and supernatural investigator who created and hosted the television program Cuarto millenio (2005), double cameo of an animated version of himself. For the English version, the character, voiced by Joseph Balderrama, was replaced by an animated version by Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, another journalist and also famous supernatural investigator after his TV show. alien puzzles (2009). Although Jiménez and Tsoukalos do not share a great deal of physical similarity, the character design allowed for the identity switch without issue.
  • The first film in the trilogy, “The Adventures of Taddeo the Explorer” from 2012 is a spin-off of the short film by Tadeo Jones 2004 and its sequel Tadeo Jones and the Basement of Destiny and, although technically based on shorts, the film was primarily adapted from the Spanish graphic novel “Tadeo and the Secret of the Toactlum”, illustrated by Juan López Fernández (Jan) and written by Fernández with Javier Barreira, Gorka Magallón and Enrique Gato.
  • “Taddeo the Explorer 3” is a production of Telecinco Cinema, Lightbox Animation Studios, Ikiru Films, Anangu Grup and La Tadeopelícula AIE, and has seen the participation of Mediaset España, Movistar Plus+ and Mediterráneo Mediaset España Group.
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  • The original music of the film is by the Spanish composer Zacarias Martinez de la Riva (El Cid: The Legend, The Adventures of Snowflake, Pedro the Brave Rooster, Automata). Martinez also set the two previous films to music: “The Adventures of Taddeo the Explorer” and “Taddeo the Explorer and the Secret of King Midas”. and the two shorts the franchise is based on.

Accompanying the character during all these years allowed me to approach a work of continuity. With the first short I created the Taddeo reference pattern. Early in his feature film adventure, I added themes as new characters were added.

  • In “Taddeo the Explorer 3″, Zacarías Martínez de la Riva tries to move away from conventionalisms, betting on creating a global sound through continuous leaps between musical genres”. The soundtrack consists of 23 songs unpublished, performed by Bratislava Symphony Orchestrathat become explosive entertainment that reflects each character’s story and the legend they pursue.
  • The soundtrack includes the original song “Si tú me llamas”, produced by Dabruk and performed by Omar Montes & Belinda.
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1. Strange Symbol (3:43)
2. Tad and Sarah (1:27)
3. Home sweetness (2:57)
4. Egyptian sarcophagus (1:52)
5. The Legend of Hermes (3:05)
6. Opening the sarcophagus (3:20)
7. Moon Victoria (2:08)
8. Mom Ammyt (2:52)
9. Pickle and Ramirez (2:26)
10. Tadeo in Paris (1h25)
11. Dominic’s Office (3:27)
12. God Horus (1:03)
13. Tub Chase (4:19)
14. Dealing with Ramona (2:49)
15. From the Louvre to Egypt (5:49)
16. Behind the Waterfall (1:43)
17. Flying with Ammyt (3:38)
18. The Emerald Map (3:00)
19. The New World (2:08)
20. Lock them up! (2:32)
21. Inside the Pyramid (2:14)
22. Ammyt Attacks (2:22)
23. Fight Tad! (2:25)

The soundtrack of “Taddeo the Explorer and the Emerald Table” is available on Spotify.

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