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trailer and previews of Salvatore Mereu’s film

After stopping in Venice 79, Giornate degli Autori, from September 15 in Italian cinemas bentuthe new film by Sardinian director Salvatore Mereu (Bellas mariposas) freely based on “The Wind and Other Tales” by Antonio Cossu. …

After stopping in Venice 79, Giornate degli Autori, from September 15 in Italian cinemas bentuthe new film by Sardinian director Salvatore Mereu (Bellas mariposas) freely based on “The Wind and Other Tales” by Antonio Cossu.

Plot and Cast

The official plot: Raffaele (Peppeddu Cuccu) has just harvested his little pile of wheat which will be enough for a whole year. So as not to be caught off guard, he has been sleeping for days in the countryside, far from everyone, waiting for the wind to come and help him finally separate the grains from the straw. But the wind doesn’t want to be seen. Only Angelino (Giovanni Porcu) comes to see him every day so that he doesn’t feel less alone. Maybe one day, when he grows up, Raffaele can lend him his indomitable mare and he can finally ride her. But Angelino doesn’t want to wait…

Bentu – trailers and videos


  • “Bentu” used photography by Francesco Piras, editing by Andrea Lotta, Salvatore Mereu with the collaboration of Claudia Pitzalis, sets by Luca Noce, costumes by Salvatore Aresu and Noemi Tronza. The sound is by Roberto Cois and the sound editing by Beatrice Mele, Francesco Albertelli and Mauro Eusepi.
  • “Bentu” is a production of Viacolvento and a co-production of the Istituto Superiore Regionale Etnografico (ISRE). Producers Elisabetta Soddu, Salvatore Mereu with the support of MiC, Sardegna Film Commission Foundation, Autonomous Region of Sardinia, Lazio Region, Municipality of Guasila, Municipality of Sanluri, Municipality of Turri; associated production Antioco Floris – Master in Multimedia Production from the University of Cagliari.
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Director’s Notes

Reading the story of Antonio Cossu, which inspired this film, I rediscovered many themes that were dear to me. The world of childhood first, that of suspended time, of man’s challenge to nature, of the difficult landing on modernity when there are the sediments of a great archaic civilization which resists. But Bentu is also the story of a friendship, of a human relationship, that between old Raffaele and little Angelino, which matures through learning, initiation, and lives in conditions of total isolation in a place and at a time when even the arrival of a threshing machine can be greeted like the passing of a comet. [Salvatore Mereu]

Manufacturing notes

Behind Bentu there is an experience in film education that I have been carrying out for more than ten years with a group of students from the Master in Multimedia Production at the University of Cagliari, with the company Viacolvento, and with the decisive support of Sardinia Film Commission. The aim of the course, and everyone’s desire, is to compete with the cinema. Then. As always, the teaching of imbeciles and cinema takes over and we find ourselves, all together, making a film despite the fact that the available means are more suitable to stay within the confines of our university. Our attempt to bring the vehicle closer, to try to govern it, is very much like the challenge that our protagonist, a former farmer, takes up with nature, with the wind, in an attempt to secure the harvest. We too, like him, fought, despite everything, with great stubbornness to bring our film home. Here, if necessary, find a formula that encompasses the meaning of our experience I believe that Bentu is the story of an obsession because for old Raffaele it is to pull the wheat from the straw at a time when machines are little more than a mirage and the arrival of a thresher could be hailed as the passage of the Rex. [Salvatore Mereu]

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Who is Salvatore Mereu?

Salvatore Mereu was born in Dorgali in 1965. After graduating in directing at the Experimental Cinematography Center in Rome, he directed several short films such as romanian night (1996), Michael (1999), The sea (2004). Since his first feature film three-step dance (2003), characterized by a particular structure in four parts, each corresponding to a season of the year, explores the relationship between tradition and modernity in his land, Sardinia. With “Ballo a tre passi”, Mereu won the Critics’ Week in Venice in 2003 and also won the David di Donatello and the Ciak d’Oro for best emerging director and was nominated for three silver ribbons including that of the best scenario. . The second movie, Sonetàula (2008), was presented at the Berlinale in the Panorama section and won the Golden Globe for the foreign press and the FIPA d’Or at the Biarritz Festival for best screenplay. It was again at the Venice Film Festival in 2010 with Tajabone, which takes place among young schoolchildren from the outskirts of Cagliari, and in 2012 at Orizzonti with Beautiful mariposas, based on the book of the same name by Sergio Atzeni, the story of two teenage girls who live in a popular neighborhood of Cagliari. The film won him the Schermi di Qualità prize and the Big Screen prize at the Rotterdam Film Festival at the Venice Film Festival. For the same film, he won the Suso Cecchi D’Amico prize for best screenplay and the Tonino Guerra prize for best screenplay at the Bif & st. In 2013, still on behalf of the Festival, he took part in the collective film Venice 70 – Future Reloaded with 70 directors from around the world to celebrate the 70th edition of the Festival. Mel 2020 presents at the exhibition, out of competition, Assandira, then nominated for the Nastri d’Argento for best film and for the David di Donatello for best non-original screenplay. For years, he alternated his activity as a director with that of a teacher of image education. As a teacher, he gave film lessons in various institutes on the island, making short films with the students (The sea, Life now, Choosing to grow, The future then) selected in the most important festivals. national and international. For a few years, in collaboration with CELCAM, he took a course in directing and scriptwriting in the Master’s in Multimedia Production at the University of Cagliari.

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