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trailer and previews of Donato Carrisi’s thriller

From October 27 in Italian cinemas with Vision Fistribution i am the abyss. After The girl in the fog And The Labyrinth ManWriter and director Donato Carrisi brings one of his most acclaimed bestsellers to …

From October 27 in Italian cinemas with Vision Fistribution i am the abyss. After The girl in the fog And The Labyrinth ManWriter and director Donato Carrisi brings one of his most acclaimed bestsellers to cinema, with a cast that includes Michela Cescon, Lidiya Liberman and Gabriel Montesi.

Plot and Cast

The official plot: His job is to take care of the garbage. People never think about what they throw away. Instead, he knows people’s secrets are hidden among the trash. And that’s how he chooses his victims. “People tell lies, they deceive. No trash, trash doesn’t lie.” But one day a little girl bursts into his orderly, lonely existence. She threw herself into the lake like trash and he saved her. But he didn’t save her. not people. That’s why he runs away first. But then he comes back and observes her secretly. And he understands what no one can understand. That the little girl has a secret and urgently needs But helping her will put her invisibility at risk. In fact, while all of this is going on, the most unlikely Huntress senses that there’s someone out there killing single blonde-haired women. knows that no one will believe her because, to the people of the lake, she is just plain crazy. But he can’t back down and has little time. And, if he can stop the monster, he can free himself from the curse of the past. There are three stories that turn in the dark. Three souls that will meet. Inside the abyss.

The cast of ‘I Am the Abyss’ includes Michela Cescon (pictured), Gabriel Montesi, Sara Ciocca, Giordana Faggiano, Sergio Albelli, Lidiya Liberman, Andrea Gherpelli, Katia Fellin, Adalgisa Manfrida, Saul Nanni, Federico Vanni, Diego Martin Romei , Leon Mancini, Daniele Parri.

I am the abyss – trailers and videos


  • “Io sono abisso” is Donato Carrisi’s third director and third adaptation of one of his novels after “The Girl in the Fog” with Toni Servillo, which in 2017 won Carrisi a David di Donatello for Best New Director and a Golden Globe for Best Screenplay. The second book “The Man in the Labyrinth” released in 2019 saw Toni Servillo still the protagonist flanked by Dustin Hoffman, Valentina Bellè and Vinicio Marchioni.
  • Actress Lidiya Liberman (pictured) also starred in The girl of the world, To breathe, The stone eater And bad poet.
  • The technical team that supported director Donato Carrisi on set included Massimo Quaglia (editing), Francesco Vallocchia (Direct Presa), Chiara Ferrantini (costumes), Maurizio Leonardi (scenography), Maria Francesca Fogagnolo (Furniture), Federico Amodio & Italo Cameracanna (Effects), Claudio Cofrancesco (photography). The sound is by Angelo Bonanni (Direct Presa) and Marco Coppolecchia (Mix).
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Director’s Notes

“I Am The Abyss” is a sentimental thriller in which twists and suspense are built on the characters’ stories. There is a visible story, but there is also a submerged one, which flows silently and suddenly arises. And it’s the one that strikes the viewer where he least expects it, in that little corner of the heart where we keep empathy. [Donato Carrisi]

The original novel

Donato Carrisi was born in 1973 in Martina Franca and lives between Rome and Milan. After studying law, he specialized in criminology and behavioral sciences. Screenwriter, director and screenwriter of television series and for the cinema, he is a signature of Corriere della Sera. He is the author of international bestselling novels (all published by Longanesi) The blower, The Court of Souls, The woman with the paper flowers, The Evil Hypothesis, The Hunter of Darkness, The girl in the fog – from which he shot the film of the same name with which he won the David di Donatello for best new director -, The Master of Shadows, The Labyrinth Man – from which he drew the film of the same name -, The blower game And house of voices. He has won prestigious awards in Italy and abroad such as the Prix Polar and the Prix Livre de Poche in France and the Prix Bancarella in Italy. His novels, translated into more than 30 languages, have sold millions of copies.

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The official synopsis of the novel: It is exactly ten to five. The lake can be guessed on the horizon: it is a long line of graphite, black and silver. The man who cleans is about to start a day marked by garbage collection. He does not feel disgusted by his work, on the contrary: he knows that it is necessary. And he knows that it is precisely in what people throw away that the deepest secrets lie. And he knows how to interpret them. And he knows how to use them. Because he too has a secret. The man who cleans lives according to established habits and rhythms, with the exception of rare but memorable special evenings. What he doesn’t know is that in a few hours his orderly life will be turned upside down by meeting the girl with the purple tuft. He, who has chosen to be invisible, a shadow barely perceived at the edge of the world, will find himself involved in the unspeakable reality of the young girl. The risk is not just that someone finds out who they are or what they really do. The real risk is, and always has been, since he was a child, to antagonize the man behind the green door. But there’s one other thing the man cleaning can’t know: there’s already someone out there looking for him. The fly hunter has given herself a mission: to stop the violence, to save as many women as possible. Nothing can stop him: neither his bad physical shape, nor the dark notoriety that accompanies it. And when the bottom of the lake returns a trace, the hunter knows that it is a message that only she can understand. There is only one thing he can, indeed, must do: unearth the invisible shadow that lies at the center of the abyss.

The novel “Io sono abisso” by Donato Carrisi is available on Amazon.

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  • The original music of the film is by the composer Vito Lo Reco-edited and co-produced by Edizioni Curci with Palomar Srl.
  • Born in Milan, Vito Lo Re studied composition with Silvia Bianchera and Bruno Bettinelli, classical guitar with Rocco Peruggini, choral music and choir direction with Franco Monego, graduate of “G. Verdi” in Milan; he studied conducting with Massimiliano Caldi in Milan, Bruno Rigacci in Florence, Erwin Acel in Vienna and Dejan Pavlov in Sofia; he was assistant to Maestro Aldo Sisillo. He is also a graduate in political science. He alternates the activity of conductor with that of composer. In this capacity, he created incidental music for 15 productions for various professional theater companies, ranging from great classics to new works. More than twenty years of partnership with the writer Donato Carrisi, with whom he wrote plays and songs and set to music the thrillers “The Man in the Labyrinth” and “The Girl in the Fog”. He is also the author of musicals, musicals, music for short films and documentaries (The cinema does not stop), films and television programs as well as an orchestrator and arranger, an activity which made him travel the most heterogeneous musical genres. Indeed, to the activity of conductor in the symphonic and lyrical domain, he has always combined important collaborations in the pop and rock domain. As a conductor or arranger, he has worked with: Arisa, Edoardo Bennato, Mario Biondi, Max Gazzè, Bobby Kimball (Toto), John Mahon and Nigel Olsson, (Elton John Band), Massimo Ranieri, Rhapsody of Fire , Toquinho, Gilberto Gil, Davide Van de Sfroos, Amii Stewart.
  • The trailer includes the 1981 song “I Can’t Lose You” featuring Bobby Solo.

Photos and posters

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