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The Son: Movie Trailers And Previews With Hugh Jackman

After the extraordinary success of The Father – Nothing is as it seemsrevelation film winner of two Oscars, Florian Zeller returns to directing with his second film, The son the second work of the Zeller …

After the extraordinary success of The Father – Nothing is as it seemsrevelation film winner of two Oscars, Florian Zeller returns to directing with his second film, The son the second work of the Zeller trilogy, which will be presented in competition at the 79th Venice International Film Festival and then presented in Italian cinemas by 01 Distribution

Plot and Cast

The official plot: Two years after his parents’ divorce, 17-year-old Nicholas (Zen McGrath) can no longer live with his mother. The pain of living he feels has become a constant presence and his only refuge are the memories of the happy moments of his childhood.

The boy decides to move in with his father Peter (Hugh Jackman), who has just had a child with his new girlfriend. Peter tries to take care of Nicholas thinking about how he would like his father to take care of him, but in the meantime he tries to juggle his new family and the prospect of a tantalizing political career in Washington.

However, as he tries to make up for the mistakes of the past, he loses sight of Nicholas’ present. “The Son” is a tale meant to resonate deeply with anyone who has had to fight for their family. What is the line between what is best for us and the responsibilities we have to others and to our children?

The cast of “The Son” also includes Anthony Hopkins, Vanessa Kirby, Laura Dern, Hugh Quarshie, William Hope, Julia Westcott-Hutton, Akie Kotabe, Reza Diako, Rene Costa, Isaura Barbé-Brown, Erick Hayden, Danielle Lewis, Nancy Baldwin, Rachel Handshaw, Van Pierre, Mercedes Bahleda, Robina Hula and Darrenjclarke.

The Son – Trailer and Video


  • French director Florian Zeller (The Father, All Mad in My House, Florida, A Middle Aged Night’s Dream) is directing “The Son” from a screenplay he wrote with Christopher Hampton based on the play “Les Fils by Zeller. Hampton won an Oscar with Zeller for “The Father” and a second solo statuette for Dangerous Liaisons (1988). The team supporting director Florian Zeller behind the scenes included cinematographer Ben Smithard (The Father, Downton Abbey), production designer Simon (A Royal Weekend, The Girl in the Painting) and costume designer Lisa Duncan ( Frankie & Emma, ​​Adrift in Soho).
  • The cast of “The Son” includes two Oscar winners: Laura Dern, Anthony Hopkins and two Oscar nominees: Hugh Jackman and Vanessa Kirby.
  • The original music for “The Son” is by German composer Hans Zimmer (American Elegy, The Right to Count, 12 Years a Slave). Over the course of his career, Zimmer has won four Grammy Awards, two Best Score Oscars from twelve nominations (The Lion King, Dune) and two Golden Globes from nine nominations (The Lion King, The Gladiator).
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Who is Florian Zeller?

Florian Zeller is an award-winning French novelist, playwright and director. According to The Times, he is “the most exciting playwright of our time”. He has written over ten plays, including The Father, The Mother, The Truth, The Lie, Upside Down and, most recently, The Son, which premiered in London in 2019. His plays have been performed on stage in over from 45 countries.

The father is one of the most hits in recent years and has been described by The Guardian newspaper as “the most acclaimed new comedy of the past decade” and has won numerous awards in Paris, London and New York.

The film “The Father – Nothing Is As It Seems” was his first film achievement, “The Son” is his second rehearsal behind the camera.

The Father – Nothing is as it seems

“The Father – Nothing Is As It Seems” starring Anthony Hopkins and Olivia Colman received the 2021 Oscars for its performance as Hopkins for Best Lead Actor and for Best Non-Original Screenplay by Florian Zeller and Christopher Hampton.

The official plot: Anthony is 81 years old. He lives alone in his London flat and rejects all the people his daughter Anne tries to impose on him. Soon, however, Anne will no longer be able to visit him every day: she has made the decision to settle in Paris with a man she has just met… But if so, then who is the stranger who suddenly falls in the living? bedroom of the house ?Anthony, claiming to have been married to Anne for over ten years? And why do you assert with such conviction that the one where you live is your house and that of your daughter?

Still, Anthony is sure it’s his apartment. There seems to be something strange in the air, as if the world has suddenly stopped following its usual rules. Lost in a maze of unanswered questions, Anthony desperately tries to understand what is going on around him. The Father – Nothing Is As It Seems is the story of a man whose reality is slowly collapsing before our eyes.

“The Father” is based on the play Il padre (The father) written by Florian Zeller and premiered in Paris in 2012, winning the Molière prize for best comedy, before debuting on Broadway and in the West London End, where he won Tony and Olivier Awards for Best Actor (to Frank Langella and Kenneth Cranham respectively).

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Zeller is directing the film adaptation – his first feature film – shot in London from a screenplay he co-wrote with Christopher Hampton (Atonement, Dangerous Liaisons).

Alongside Oscar winners Anthony Hopkins and Olivia Colman, the film’s cast is rounded out by Mark Gatiss (The Favorite, the Sherlock TV series), Imogen Poots (Green Room, Let’s not get down), Rufus Sewell (Judy, the TV series The The Man in the High Castle) and Olivia Williams (Victoria and Abdul, An Education).

“When I started working on adapting my play, the face that I kept visualizing in my mind was always Anthony Hopkins,” Zeller recalls. “I had the deep conviction that he would be very effective and shocking in this role. It was at the origin of my desire to make this film and the only reason for which I decided to shoot in English: it was a way to get to him. In that sense, it was part of my dream.

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That’s why the protagonist’s name is Anthony.” The relationship between Christopher Hampton and Anthony Hopkins goes back more than forty years, to the early 1970s and the movie LOVE AND ANGER. Zeller and Hampton travel to Los Angeles to talk with Hopkins about the role of Anthony.

“We approached him and he agreed to play it almost immediately,” Hampton recalls, “but then we had to wait patiently for him to be available to shoot!” A good relationship immediately formed between Hopkins and Zeller. “I knew Christopher Hampton because I had worked with him several times in the past. I knew it was going to be a relatively small cast and crew. Everything was very compact: I almost felt like I was working on an artisanal production. I was happy to learn from Florian that the screenplay for The Father – Nothing Is As It Sembles was written with me in mind.

If so, I feel very flattered and honored.” “Working on this film,” he continues, “made me focus on my own mortality. In a way, I almost tend to think that maybe I will avoid suffering from dementia because I pretended to be sick! We had a lot of fun on set trying to memorize Florian’s conversational style. Somehow, when the cameras turned on me, I didn’t need to act anymore! “. “I’m 82 years old and I’ve managed to surpass the age my father was when he died.

I think I understood Anthony from the start: in a way it was like playing my father”. Asked about his age and eventual retirement from the stage, Hopkins’ reaction is usually strong: “I would die if I stopped working. I think I’m an old warrior! A survivor!”

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