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Stallone Movie Trailer, Plot, Previews On Prime Video

  Available on Amazon Prime Video from August 26 Samaritan, a superhero action drama directed by Julius Avery (Overlord) and starring Sylvester Stallone as an unarmed superhero. The film is described as a “dark new …


Available on Amazon Prime Video from August 26 Samaritan, a superhero action drama directed by Julius Avery (Overlord) and starring Sylvester Stallone as an unarmed superhero. The film is described as a “dark new take on the superhero genre”.

Plot and Cast

The official plot: Thirteen-year-old Sam Cleary (Javon “Wanna” Walton) suspects that his mysterious and lonely neighbor, Mr. Smith (Sylvester Stallone), is actually a secret legend. Twenty years ago, Granite City’s super-powered vigilante, Samaritan, was pronounced dead after a battle with his rival, Nemesis, in a burned-out warehouse. Many believe Samaritan died in the fire, but others in town, like Sam, hope he is still alive. As the criminal actions multiply and the city is on the verge of chaos, Sam decides to persuade his neighbor to come out and save him from ruin.

The film’s cast is completed by Martin Starr (Silicon Valley, Spider-Man: Far from Home, Honey Boy), Pilou Asbæk (Overlord, Game of Thrones), Dascha Polanco (Orange Is the New Black, When They See Us) and Moises Arias (Hannah Montana, Three Feet Away).

Samaritan – trailers and videos

New original language featurette released August 20, 2022

New official music video in original language released on August 21, 2022

New original language featurette released August 27, 2022


  • In February 2019, it was announced that MGM had acquired a screenplay by Bragi F. Schut titled “Samaritan” to co-produce with Sylvester Stallone’s Balboa Productions. Schut had written the screenplay before adapting the story into a comic book series published by Mythos Comics.
  • “Samaritan” is directed by Julius Avery, director of his third feature film after the crime old scoundrel with Ewan McGregor and Suzerain, an action and war horror with mutant Nazis. Avery’s next project is The Pope’s Exorcist, a horror drama starring Russell Crowe as exorcist Father Gabriele Amorth.
  • The script for “Samaritan” is by Bragi F. Schut (The Last of the Templars, Escaper Room). Schut also wrote Last voyage of Demetera new reinterpretation of the Dracula by Bram Stoker based on the chapter “The Demeter’s Log Book” set aboard the Russian schooner Demeter, which transports Dracula to England. The film currently in post-production is directed by André Øvredal of Troll Hunter And Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.
  • “Samaritan” is inspired by Unbreakable – The Predestined (2000) by M. Night Shyamalan starring Bruce Willis and Explore Forrester (2000) with Sean Connery.
  • Sylvester Stallone, Martin Starr, and Michael Aaron Milligan have made appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Stallone was in Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 (2017), Starr was in The Incredible Hulk (2008) and in the films of Spider Man MCU, and Milligan was Paul Rudd’s stunt double in The ant Man (2015).
  • Julius Avery and actor Pilou Asbæk previously collaborated on ‘Overlord’.
  • We’ll see Sylvester Stallone and Martin Starr still together in the TV series king of tulsa which debuts in November 2022. This is Stallone’s first television role playing an Italian mobster who is tasked with re-establishing his “family” in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
  • Young Javon “Wanna” Walton is on his second feature after voicing Pugsley in the animated film The Addams Family 2. Walton is known for his roles in hugely popular television series, Grant was in Utopiaashtray Euphoria and Stan in the third season of The Umbrella Academy. Walton is not only an actor, but also a talented boxer, a four-time Southeastern United States boxing champion and a five-time Georgia state champion.
  • “Samaritan” is produced by Sylvester Stallone and Braden Aftergood. Bragi F. Schut, David Kern and Guy Riedel are executive producers.
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The Mythos Comics comic book

The film’s story has already been adapted into a Mythos Comics comic book series written by Bragi F. Schut and Marc Olivent and illustrated by Renzo Podesta.

The synopsis of the first issue: The city of the Acropolis. Twenty years ago, before the death of the super being known as the Samaritan, it was a different city. A safe city, a beautiful city… Now gangs rule the streets and crime is rampant. But there’s one person in town who isn’t convinced Samaritan is dead. A little boy named Sam. He believes Samaritan faked his own death. He believes that Samaritan is alive and well and that he lives hidden in the apartment opposite his…


  • The original music for the film is by Kevin Kiner (Titans, Doom Patrol, Peacemaker TV series) & Jed Kurzel (Babadook, Alien: Covenant, Hero of Two Worlds). Kurzel and director Julius Avery also collaborated on “Son of a Gun” and “Overlord.”
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Photos and posters

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