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On the edge of reality: replica of “Mystical Seer” from the episode of “Twilight Zone” with William Shatner

On the edge of reality a.k.a blurred area, a cult television series created by Rod Serling that has a huge following, first debuted on CBS in 1959. In addition to creating and directing the series, …

On the edge of reality a.k.a blurred area, a cult television series created by Rod Serling that has a huge following, first debuted on CBS in 1959. In addition to creating and directing the series, Serling was also an executive producer and screenwriter, writing alone and with various partners at least 92 episodes of the original 156-episode series. Each episode presents a story of its own in which the characters are confronted with often disturbing or unusual events. Although essentially science fiction, the paranormal and Kafkaesque adventures of the plots have increasingly declined the television series towards fantasy and horror.

There is a fifth dimension beyond those that man already knows; it is unlimited like infinity and timeless like eternity; is the intermediate region between light and darkness, between science and superstition, between the dark abyss of the unknown and the luminous summits of knowledge: it is the region of the imaginary, a region which could find “On the Edge of Reality”.

The series featured both established stars and younger actors who would later become much better known as William Shatner who will star in Just in Time (Nick of Time), the seventh episode of the fifth season before returning to Nightmare at 20,000 feet third episode of the fifth season (1963), a few years before making his debut on the bridge of the Enterprise as Captain James T. Kirk in the classic television series of star trek (1966-1968).

In the episode “Just in Time”, a newlywed couple on their honeymoon, Don and Pat Carter, played by William Shatner and Patricia Breslin, find themselves forced to stop in a small town in Ohio. to pass the time, they decide to grab a bite to eat and during the meal at the local cafeteria, they come across a game called “Mystic Seer” placed on their table. The bizarre machine in exchange for a coin releases notes that predict the future. Quello che per la coppia inizierà come un gioco, diventerà man mano sempre più anxious quando i bigliettini del “Veggente Mistico” e il loro contentto cominceranno a diventare per Don una vera e propria ossessione che arriveà a minacciare il suo matrimonio con Pat e il loro future.

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A faithful and functional replica of the “Mystical Seer” made in 1:1 scale, therefore life-size, is now available exclusively on the Entertainment Earth site, this replica which glows in the dark is a must for lovers of the series TV and even for those who, like me, collect bizarre objects related to the world of cinema and television.

Devoted fans of “At the Edge of Reality” will never forget the mysterious “Mystical Seer” and will likely never forget the first time they saw it. This fully functional replica of “The Twilight Zone Mystic Seer Glow-in-the-Dark 1:1 scale” from Bif Bang Pow! measures approximately 29cm tall x 19cm wide x 12cm long and features an updated red devil head mounted spring mounted on top and the words ‘Ask me a question yes or no. Does he/she love me? Will I get rich? Will my future be bright?” and “1 Cent Mystic Seer” on the front. But perhaps best of all, this special version has glow-in-the-dark elements! The “Mystical Seer” has a real towel holder ( towels not included) and a front lever-action coin slot that magically dispenses your “luck! A key opens a compartment in the front so you can collect your coins and try again for a fortune you might like- be better.The “Mystical Seer” is a limited edition and comes with 24 fortune cards, a certificate of authenticity and premium packaging.

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Rod Serling’s essential “intro” at the start of the episode: “The hand belongs to Don Carter, the male element of a honeymoon couple traveling through the Ohio countryside to New York In a few moments, they will receive a gift that most humans never receive, a penny, and they will be able to see the future. The time is today, the place is a small place in Ridgeview, Ohio. But this what this young couple does not know is that this city is very close to the Frontiers of reality…”.

At the Edge of Reality is widely regarded as one of the greatest television series of all time. The series has been revived and updated in three “revival” versions: the 1985 version which ran for three seasons, the 2002 version which aired for a single season with actor Forest Whitaker as the narrator, and the very recent 2019 version which saw director Jordan as narrator Peele (Escape – Get out, Nope) aired for a single season. The success of the series also spawned a feature film of the same name in episodes (1983) directed by John Landis (“Time Out”), Steven Spielberg (“The Big Game”), Joe Dante (“Prisoners of Anthony” ) and George Miller (“Terror at High Altitude”) who made a remake of the classic episode Nightmare at 20,000 feet (1963), starring William Shatner, directed by Richard Donner of lethal weapon And The Goonies and written by Richard Matheson of “I Am Legend”. They also produced a television movie (1994), a radio series (2002-2012), various publications, theme park attractions and various other spin-offs over five decades.

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In January 2021, Richard Kelly, cult director Donnie Darko gave an update on the Rod Serling biopic he has been developing for several years, based on the memoir “As I Knew Him: My Dad, Rod Serling”, written by Anne Serling, daughter of Rod Serling.

Well, this is a very special project. It’s a very ambitious project and we want to do it. We want to make sure that we have the right talent and the right budget and that all the elements have to be perfect for this project to happen and we have such respect for Rod Serling’s legacy and the huge footprint that he has left on our company and our culture. . So we have been working on it for several years. We worked closely with Anne Serling, Rod’s daughter. I adapted his memoir he published about his father and his life and it’s a very ambitious approach to a biopic and involves a lot of fantastical elements. There’s a big sci-fi/fantasy concept to the kind of approach we take to trying to tell his life story. So it’s a really complicated and difficult needle to thread. We’re definitely working on it and hopefully at some point we can get this project off the ground and it’s just a matter of getting all the pieces working. So let’s keep our fingers crossed that we make it happen and we can truly pay homage to Rod’s life in the best possible way.

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