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Not By Blood, But By Love – Review Of The First Episodes

Light, but it’s already starting to be felt: for the moment it’s only a small fever, far from the spasms that accompanied the last seasons of the parent series game of thronesbut the release of …

Light, but it’s already starting to be felt: for the moment it’s only a small fever, far from the spasms that accompanied the last seasons of the parent series game of thronesbut the release of the first episodes of the spin-off Dragon House reactivated the immune system of fans of A song of ice and fire and of the genre now codified cape, sex and sword.

Judging by the enthusiasm with which the beginnings of the first episode and the “diffusion” of the second were experienced, the fever of game of thrones that has infected audiences for years is ready to be heard again.

The performers (all of them) and the historical period of reference have changed, but the first two episodes have made it clear that the ambitions around which the whole narrative created by George RR Martin is the same: to sit on the Iron Throne, to gain temporal power over the western continent.

The goal is the same, the golden rule also (“When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die“), But Dragon House it turned out to be in some ways antithetical to the parent series. Similar, but different.

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For starters, it’s “tightened up”: there are no more abrupt jumps from the Barrier to the beaches of Dorne to the Free Cities beyond the Strait, but everything is concentrated in the halls of the Red Fortress with a few out-of-towners. occasional labor. -City excursions to Dragon Rock.

More circumscribed in the places, but above all more intimate in the characters: Dragon Houseso far it proves how much a family drama rather than a political one. Of course, there is still a lot of politics: the whole thematic core around the legacy of the Iron Throne offers some interesting proto-feminist insights into the possibility that a woman, Rhaenyrayou become queen when your father dies Viserysfifth king Targaryen of the Seven Kingdoms.

However, the lens through which the story is filtered is decidedly more hidden than has been seen in any of the narrative lines of game of thrones.

Same Cerseiwho wanted a dynasty led by his children Lannister and was raised to the rank of a proud lioness ready to give everything for them, she has not shown in eight seasons such a pure bond as that between Paddy Considine And Milly Alcock.

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A father and daughter, before role impositions took over that affection and made them king and princess/future queen. Likewise, the dynamic that’s intertwined with the story’s other big addition, that one, is just as familiar. Demon Targaryen interpreted by Matt Smith – the Claudius of this Dragon Hamlet – who will bring the civil war of the ancient Valyrian House to life.

How long Dragon House evolve in the navigated waters of the series with Emilia Clarke And Kit Harington (with much of the same theme, but new animation), there’s one scene in particular from the first episode that marks the spin-off’s stark difference in approach and outlook.

At the funeral of Aemma Arryn, mother of Rhaenyra, and the newborn and died immediately baelonwe see her giving her dragon the same command that thrilled – years ago now – fans of Daenerys Targaryen: “Dracarys”.

The intention of the order, however, is diametrically opposed: Daenerys gave it driven by anger, by the desire for revenge, by blood. One of the harbingers of his fury in the hotly contested final of game of thrones.

The Order of Rhaenyra, on the other hand, was born out of pain, mourning, love for mother and brother. Again, a family dimension. A displacement of meaning, no signifier.

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Dragon House therefore starts again from the summit (technical, above all) of the success of the game of thrones: not needing a trial season to win votes, it capitalizes on the same way of telling medieval fantasy and immediately stands out for its similarities and differences. The former become familiar, the latter promise a bright future.

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