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After the preview in Venice 79, from September 21, on the occasion of World Alzheimer’s Day, it will enter cinemas This place in timedrama directed by Giuseppe Alessio Nuzzo with Leo Gullotta flanked by Giovanna …

After the preview in Venice 79, from September 21, on the occasion of World Alzheimer’s Day, it will enter cinemas This place in timedrama directed by Giuseppe Alessio Nuzzo with Leo Gullotta flanked by Giovanna Rei, who is making her debut as co-producer, and American actor Tomas Arana.

In this film, the main problem is not Alzheimer’s, but love and time. This film was born from the need to tell the Love, the real one, when an illness or different opinions can underlie the very essence of the feeling. But Love is able to overcome all limitations, even the strongest of memory loss, willed or due, it is able to revive faded and lost memories, and to overcome concrete and real difficulties.Giuseppe Alessio Nuzzo

Plot and Cast

The official plot: Mario (Leo Gullotta), a retired conductor, spends his days in a luxury hotel in the south of England. He has suffered from Alzheimer’s disease for some time and is often plagued by sudden memories which he then quickly forgets. He lives with the fear that the disease could erase his past of glory and success. But above all for the love of his wife Amelia (Giovanna Rei), who died years earlier, and his daughter Michela (Beatrice Arnera) who hopes one day to find herself in a place far from time… Reality merges between flashbacks and imaginary visions, until bringing the viewer to experience firsthand, through the eyes of the protagonist, the terror of the disease.

The cast of “Quel Posto nel Tempo” also includes Erasmo Gensini, Tina Femiano, with the participation of Gigi Savoia and with American actor Tomas Arana.

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  • Giuseppe Alessio Nuzzo has been dealing with the subject for more than 5 years, through studies, meetings, interviews, research; his significant international cinematographic experience combined with his medical training (graduate with the best grades in dentistry and former adviser of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery) allowed us to design, with the creative team composed of Giovanni Mazzitelli (subject) and Eitan Pitigliani (subject and scenario), a delicate, metaphorical and never metaphysical work, with a usual component of truth and scientific overtones.
  • A film that becomes an experience is the disease that reveals itself over the course of the narration. “Quel posto nel tempo” was born as a fictional feature film with original and unpublished content, from an idea by Giuseppe Alessio Nuzzo which was inspired by two of his previous works, the short film “Lettere a my daughter”, winner from the special mention prize at the Nastri d’Argento, first prize at the Giffoni Film Festival and more than 140 awards worldwide, and the docufilm “Handbook on Alzheimer’s, both dedicated to the history of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Filmed between Naples, Sorrento and Caserta, with its location in Piazza Plebiscito, the Royal Palace of Caserta and the Royal Palace of Portici, thanks also to the support of the Cinema Office of the Municipality of Naples, “Quel posto nel tempo” tells a sickness through the poetry of passing time, memories that fade and those that reappear, incoherent and irrational. Alzheimers. Illness as a metaphor for a journey through time and the protagonist’s imagination. An absolutely unusual vision of pathology, since it is conceived on a basis that is both cinematographic and scientific, thanks to the support of the Department of Neurosciences of the University of Padua.
  • Actor Tomas Arana is known for his roles in The Last Temptation of Christ, In search of Red October, Bodyguard, LA Confidential, Gladiator And Guardians of the Galaxy. He has participated as a guest star in various television series such as miami vice, Emergencies – Doctors on the front line, Law & Order: criminal intent, Without leaving a trace, Expertise: Crime scene And Lie to me. In Italy he starred in horror films the church And The sect both directed by Michele Soavi and produced by Dario Argento, in the comedy My sister and me by Carlo Verdone, in francesco by Liliana Cavani, in the television series All madly in loveand more recently in comedy But what does the brain tell us (2019) with Paola Cortellesi.
  • “Quel Posto nel Tempo” also sees the musical contribution of the students of the Conservatory of Rovigo with Adriano Aponte, coordinated by David di Donatello Marco Biscarini and Luca Leprotti, engaged in the research of the disease on the sound and musical aspect.
  • The film is produced by Eduardo and Giuseppe Angeloni for An.tra.cine., in association with Ferone Pietro & C., with the support of the Campania Region and the Campania Region Film Commission, and distributed by Nexo Digital.
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Director’s Notes

Telling about a disease, Alzheimer’s, through the poetry of passing time, memories that fade and those that reappear, incoherent and irrational. Illness as a metaphor for a journey through time and through the imagination of the protagonist, Mario (Leo Gullotta), an internationally renowned conductor. In his mind Mario recreates a “place in time” where he can take refuge with his affections, in his memories that mingle and mingle with the present. Four narrative axes mark time, perhaps the real protagonist of the film, non-chronological of the narration, a cinematic experience for the viewer who, like any self-respecting cinematic puzzle, will only be able to have all the pieces available to compose the image at the end of the story. Through this film, instead of declining, as usually happens, the disease through the eyes of the caregiver, the one who assists the patient, I let the unfolding of the same act through the loudspeaker of the protagonist who tells his fears through a long letter maybe written for years. But the film was also born from the need to tell about Love, from Mario’s haunting love for his wife Amelia (Giovanna Rei), who died suddenly while she was pregnant, and from that found for his daughter Michela (Beatrice Arnera), abandoned to her fate and preferred work and music to fill the void that Mario has accumulated since the death of his wife. But Love can and does overcome any barrier, even that atrocious one of memory loss, the dissolution of memories, through the immateriality of feelings and imagination, of poetry and play. love that goes beyond the limits imposed by an existing but hidden pathology, Alzheimer’s. Telling the images of such a delicate disease was not easy; just as complex was the writing of the story, with Eitan Pitigliani and Giovanni Mazzitelli, who do not talk about the disease, but live it, go through it, touch it and then transmit it in a mixture of contradictory but true feelings: Love and pain, consciousness and unconsciousness, loss and reacquisition, imagination and madness. I found it necessary to show respect for the dignity of the person as such from the first scenarios, seeking the collaboration of scientists and experts in the field in the writing of the work thanks to years of studies and personal research. A film made of estrangements, stamps, masks and, for the timeliness in which it was shot, deprived of what is most authentic of a setting, the caresses, the embraces and the inevitable gatherings cinematographic. However, these difficulties did not distort the authenticity and truth of the narrative, perhaps reinforced by a desire to return to storytelling. The camera therefore explores an extremely delicate and current story, poetic and metaphorical but never metaphysical, which aims to impress a story to finally live it on the big screen. [Giuseppe Alessio Nuzzo]

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Who is Giuseppe Alessio Nuzzo?

Giuseppe Alessio Nuzzo. Born in 1989. Director, producer and author, he is an expert in social cinema and current director general of the Social World Film Festival, an international exhibition of social cinema; in nine years of work for the World Social Film Festival, which has actress Claudia Cardinale as honorary president, he has founded a monument and a cinema museum, organized more than 500 days of cinematographic activities in Italy and 40 international events that have affected 28 cities on five continents from New York to Sydney via Tokyo, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Rio de Janeiro, Tunis and London, receiving important prizes and medals from the President of the European Parliament, the Presidency of the Italian Republic, of the Italian Chamber and Senate. He has written and directed many feature films, documentaries and short films, including Fame co-produced by Rai Cinema and recognized as being of cultural interest with the financial contribution of the General Directorate of Cinema of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, Lettere a ma fille with Leo Gullotta, Primitivo con Giancarlo Giannini and the music of Enzo Avitabile, Truths with Francesco Montanari, Nicoletta Romanoff, Maria Grazia Cucinotta, The name you always gave me with Mariano Rigillo, the first Rai Cinema work to be published on Instagram’s IGTV and The Choise with Cristina Donadio presented at the Young Italian Authors Competition during the 76th Venice International Film Festival, as well as social-themed music videos and commercials like Corri con Anna Falchi broadcast on Rai networks and Mediaset. For the cinematographic works he has made, he has received numerous awards, including the special mention of the prestigious Silver Ribbon of the National Union of Italian Film Journalists, the first prize at the Giffoni Film Festival, the Ettore Scola at the Casa del Cinema in Rome and the Grand Prize of the Critic Jury at the Siena Film Festival and the prizes of the President of the Italian Republic Giorgio Napolitano and the Nobel Prize Rita Levi Montalcini, of the European Union and of Pubblicità Progresso . Organizer of film events such as the Campania Cinema Award and CineBus, the first traveling film festival in the world, he is an author and editor for cinema and entertainment. He is curator of the anthology of cinematographic quotes Cinema is a dream that the historic president of David Di Donatello, Gian Luigi Rondi, described as monumental. He teaches directing at the University of Cinema and in public and private training institutes, collaborates with the Master Cinema and Television of the University of Naples Suor Orsola Benincasa, writes on film criticism in various periodicals and participates as social cinema commentator on national TV shows. . He is also a member of the jury of various international film festivals, including the Rome Film Festival for the Marc’Aurelio Esordienti Prize. Every year he attends the film markets of Cannes, Berlin and Venice and the Maia workshops for film producers. He studied directing at the National Film & Tv School in London, cinema and organization at the National School of Cinema – Experimental Center of Cinematography in Rome, cinematographic language at the University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli, English at the British Council; he graduated with honors in dentistry with an experimental thesis in Los Angeles entitled Dentistry in film and entertainment.

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