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After the success of My friend NanukBrando Quilici returns to cinemas on October 14, 2022 with The boy and the tiger, a story full of adventures and emotions starring Sunny Pawar and Claudia Gerini. The …

After the success of My friend NanukBrando Quilici returns to cinemas on October 14, 2022 with The boy and the tiger, a story full of adventures and emotions starring Sunny Pawar and Claudia Gerini. The film reflects on the increasingly urgent issue of the disappearance of tigers of which there are only 3,900 specimens left in the wild and in Nepal, one of the natural habitats of the magnificent Bengal tiger, the number is less than 300. Produced by HD Production in association with Mediaset España and Laser Film, the film will arrive in theaters under WWF patronage in the Year of the Tiger, according to the Chinese calendar.

Plot and Cast

The official plot: Nine-year-old Balmani (Sunny Pawar) escapes from the orphanage where he lives to return to his hometown, Kathmandu. During the journey, his path crosses that of a baby Bengal tiger, captured by a band of greedy poachers ready to resell him on the black market. The child manages to save him and decides to take him with him to the famous monastery of Taktsang, known as Tiger’s Den, a fairytale place his mother always talked about. There, the pup will be safe thanks to the protection of the Himalayan Buddhist monks. Thus begins an adventurous and complicated journey in which the two will discover the wonders of life, but also the dangers it hides. A difficult undertaking that Balmani will be able to carry out with the help of Hannah (Claudia Gerini), director of the orphanage, who does not give up in the face of the disappearance of the child. In the midst of breathtaking landscapes, the friendship between the little human and the little tiger was born. A story of love and brotherhood which, through the battle of Balmani, recalls the importance of defending the Earth and its inhabitants from the barbarism of man.

The cast of “The Boy and the Tiger” also includes Amandeep Singh, Yoon C. Joyce, Shi Yang Shi and Samir Gurung.

The Boy and the Tiger – Trailer and Video

Official Italian trailer released on August 8, 2022

Second official Italian trailer released on September 16, 2022


  • Brando Quilici (My Friend Nanuk) is directing “The Boy and the Tiger” from a screenplay by Hugh Hudson (My Friend Nanuk) and Rupert Thomson (The Book of Revelation). Hudson is also a seasoned director, among his credits the Oscar-winning film moments of glory, Greystoke – The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes with Christopher Lambert, Revolution with Al Pacino and Dreaming of Africa with Kim Basinger.
  • The team supporting Brando Quilici behind the scenes included director of photography Nicola Cattani (Two Outlaw Women), editor Paolo Cottignola (I wanted to hide), production designer Lucio Di Domenico (The Glass Man ) and costume designer Raffaella Fantasia (Ombre).
  • Sunny Pawar (Balmani) was born in 2010 in Mumbai and in his short career has already achieved exceptional popularity on an international scale, thanks to his surprising performance in Lion – the way back (2016) alongside Nicole Kidman and Rooney Mara, who won 4 Golden Globes and 6 Oscar nominations. He also starred in 2018 in sacred games and in AA BB KK.

Director’s Notes

I knew the legend known throughout Asia that told Guru Rimpoche, the holy man of the Buddhists, who flew in the 9th century on a tiger from Tibet to Bhutan to found the Tiger’s Nest Monastery. So when in 2015 I read about the WWF program “Save the Tigers Now”, I thought it was necessary to make a film aimed at young people, to let them know that there is a world in danger. Of these extraordinary felines, only 3900 specimens remain in the wild, and in Nepal, one of the natural habitats of the magnificent Bengal tiger, the number is less than 300. The film, in some respects, reflects on precisely this : the conservation of fauna and the disappearance of species. To learn more, I traveled to Nepal immediately after the terrible earthquake of 2015. I met amazing people, like Meg Done, who at the time built an orphanage for 45 children, I spent few days with them and I realized that my story I had the opportunity to also talk about the amazing, slender but very strong Nepalese children and places such as the “children’s house”, a tight-knit community, a place of love and healing, where little ones who have experienced tragedy and loss find a new home. Thus was born a film that combines the emotions of childhood and growing up with the difficulties of being an orphan. The adventure that the protagonist undertakes to save the tiger reflects the situation experienced by the little one: Balmani (which in Nepali means “little jewel”) – a 12-year-old Nepalese boy, orphan, victim of this tragic earthquake – and Mukti – a Bengal tiger cub victim of human greed – embark on an incredible journey from the grassy plains of tropical Nepal to the high Himalayas to reach Tiger’s Nest. The shooting was very difficult, but I had the chance to collaborate with some of the best professionals. The film crew knew how to move quickly to capture the naturalness of the scenes. The camera was often mounted low to capture the puppy’s expression up close. Another essential part of our work was to capture the extreme conditions of the Himalayan region. In Nepal, over a stretch of 50 km, the landscape changes from the subtropical plains of Chitwan to the summit of Annapurna at 8100m. It’s all on a grand scale: the Himalayan range spans a length that could cover half of Europe, with the deepest valleys, tallest mountains and roughest terrain on the planet. The first part of the film takes place in the jungle of Chitwan. Here we wanted to highlight the light, the song of the birds and the cries of the wild animals to represent a preserved nature. The second part of the journey takes place in Kathmandu, in considerable contrast. The protagonists evolve in a polluted urban context, with crowded streets, chaos, noise, indifferent looks and dangers of all kinds. In the third part of the trip, we leave the stifling panorama of the city and enter the world of Subtle Air at more than 4000 meters, where time passes slowly and space has another dimension. For locals, travel is mostly on foot and travel takes days, sometimes even weeks. In the subtropical jungle of Nepal, shooting was only possible from above the elephants, so as not to disturb the tigers. This allowed us to get closer without disturbing their balance. To capture the silent power of the Himalayas, in the ancient kingdom of Mustang, we also worked with drones and a small crew so we could film places otherwise inaccessible and far from modern conveniences. We used helicopters to take the protagonist to the high mountain passes where he would walk with the little tiger. The highest peaks of the Himalayas form the backdrop for this final part of the journey, such as Ama Dablam mountain, considered by locals to be the abode of the gods. We established our base in the small airport of Syangboche at 3750m. Its small airstrip appears to be suspended in the air rather than anchored to the ground. In recent times, tigers reaching more than 4000 meters high have been sighted. A hope that their habitat, invaded downstream by man, can extend to the infinite spaces of the Himalayan hills. [Brando Quilici]

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Who is Brando Quilici?

Independent Italian director, Brando Quilici’s career spans more than 20 years. He has produced and directed over 100 television specials for television stations around the world, including National Geographic and the Discovery Channel. He has won numerous awards, such as the Jackson Hole in America and the Palme d’Or at the Antibes Festival. Among his most famous projects are Iceman for Discovery Channel, Iceman – Murder Mystery for NOVA PBS, King Tut’s Final Secret, about the death of Tutankhamun, for National Geographic and Nefertiti and the Lost Dynasty, about the search for Nefertiti’s mummy, also for National Geographic. In 2014
he produced and co-directed with Roger Spottiswood the feature film My Friend Nanuk, distributed in 30 countries.


  • The original music of the film is by the composer Vincenzo Rica (The last flight, Sicily ’43, Dolcemente complicated).
  • The soundtrack includes additional music from Ben Zebelman (Last Tepui: Unexplored Peaks, Human: the world within us).
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