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Matrix, a macabre theory distorts the role of Neo in the saga

The saga of Matrix as we know, it does not promise a bright future for humanity. From the first chapter, we are told how this lost the war against the machines, but a dark new …

The saga of Matrix as we know, it does not promise a bright future for humanity. From the first chapter, we are told how this lost the war against the machines, but a dark new theory suggests that he instead emerged triumphant, something that would completely change Neo’s role in the saga.

In the ancestor of the saga arrived in 1999, all that is known about the war is revealed by Morpheus in a short conversation with Neo. The latter makes the choice between the red pill and the blue pill, and becomes aware of living in a fictional world. However, in the third installment of the original trilogy, Matrix Revolutions, we learn how Morpheus was actually wrong and wrong about the true role of the Chosen One, whom he identified in Neo. If the certainties of Morpheus were to prove false, so would the hypotheses on the war lost by humanity.

According to Morpheus, at some point in the early 21st century, mankind rejoiced in the creation of the first AI. An episode of the movie animator title The second Renaissance focuses on this time period and reveals how arrogant humanity has become after delegating all their tasks to AI-powered machines. However, what seemed like a utopia soon turned into a conflict when the B1-66ER robot ends up killing its owners to protect itself. This sparks a global debate on machine rights, and after B1-66ER was sentenced to destruction, machines around the world they start to rebel.

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Fearing for their safety, the machines have found their own city, named 01. Morpheus then tells Neo that it is not known who attacked first, but in animator – considered for all intents and purposes a canonical work – it is suggested that it was the man a start the warlaunching a nuclear attack on 01 and exploding the conflict with large-scale machinery.

Morpheus told Neo that the humans, in a desperate attempt, they darkened the sky after realizing how close the AI ​​was to winning the war, a thesis corroborated by the aforementioned episode of the animated film. However, the lack of solar power did not prove enough to destroy all the machines, a turning point that led to yet another defeat for humans, who began to be mined as batteries.

Instead, according to the theory in question, this move actually led to the defeat of the machines, but a very expensive price, because the absence of sunlight would inevitably lead to the end of life on Earth. The theory further suggests that, even with most of the machinery destroyed, humanity would still have been doomed to extinction due to the obscured sun. Therefore, the humans would reprogram the machines to develop a way to prevent humanity from meeting its destiny, a move that would lead the machines to the realization of the Matrix.

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What we believed to be fields where human beings grew up would therefore in reality be nursery where humans are fed and protected in the absence of suitable habitat. Moreover, the technique used by the machines to artificially generate new humans would have guaranteed perpetual offspring, thus avoiding the extinction of humanity.

In short, according to this intriguing theory, the Matrix would not have been a prison, but therelast chance for survival of humanity, which, in order not to have to live in a desolate world where everything has been destroyed, would have found its paradise in a simulation. Humans at this point would have decided to harness their bodies as a power source to sustain the entire Matrix apparatus and the machines that run it.

The theory further suggests that the machines were programmed by humans to think they had won the war so they could never consider the option of betraying humanity and disabling the Matrix simulation. Ergo, the machines would be finished prisoners of humans and not the reverse.

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Throughout this Neo is portrayed as the Saviour that would eventually set humanity free. After the events of The Matrix, Neo began freeing as many humans as possible from the simulation, much like the crew of Morpheus and Nebuchadnezzar did. In light of what has been explained so far, the theory reexamines the figure of Neo, who would no longer be a savior but rather the opposite.

In Matrix revolutions it is established that in reality the Prophecy of the Chosen was nothing but a stratagem machines to keep the Matrix simulation running smoothly and to ensure that Zion, the last city of men, would never grow strong enough to launch a counteroffensive. Neo becomes the hero of the story because he is the only one of the Chosen who managed to break the cycle.

By virtue of this, and assuming the correctness of the theory stated so far, we can therefore say that the machines were simply following orders given by humans, and that Neo would be nothing more than the machines’ attempt to interrupt the cycle and break free once and for all. .

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