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Keanu Reeves returns in Constantine 2 sequel

Keanu Reeves signed with Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment to star in Constantine 2Notable 2005 horror sequel based on Vertigo’s Hellblazer comic book series directed by Francis Lawrence which is confirmed will return to lead …

Keanu Reeves signed with Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment to star in Constantine 2Notable 2005 horror sequel based on Vertigo’s Hellblazer comic book series directed by Francis Lawrence which is confirmed will return to lead this sequel

JJ Abrams will produce the film and Akiva Goldsman (A Beautiful Mind, I Am Legend, Star Trek: Strange New Words) will write the screenplay. Reeves will reprise the role of exorcist, demonologist and occult expert John Constantine who in the original was dying and doomed to hell after a suicide attempt from his youth. We follow Constantine as he tries to redeem himself and save his soul while stopping demons from hell from entering Earth and Archangel Gabriel and Lucifer ready to fight to unleash hell on Earth.

Director Francis Lawrence has previously spoken of a potential sequel to Constantine:

I think we all wanted to do that. It was quite successful. We wanted to make a responsible adult film. By responsible, I mean we were going to make a movie that would cost less than the original, which we thought would be rated with a 13-year ban (PG 13). We’ve been working on the sequel for a while. We talked about it recently. There is always something left that we want to do because we all love the film, and above all we realize that there is a real cult sequel to this film, it would be fun to do…

Following the cancellation of the television series with Matt Ryan, although the character will continue as a “joker” in the television series Arrow And Legends of tomorrow and would star in two animated films, and the subsequent birth of the DC Extended Universe, the Vertigo label owned by DC Comics, director Francis Lawrence had somewhat lost hope of being able to bring his version back to theaters.

Keanu and I talked about it. Unfortunately, I can’t even remember who has it, but with all these shared universes that exist now, with Constantine being part of Vertigo, which is part of DC, people have plans for these shared universes. You know, maybe a different Constantine and things like that. At this time, we don’t have this character available to us for TV or movies, which is a shame.

After a long wait, however, it now seems like all the pieces have fallen into place and after Keanu Reeves’ recent return as Neo in Matrix Resurrection this really seems like the right time for the actor to return to fight evil, exorcise demons, and avert apocalypses.

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We will also see Keanu Reeves in the sequels John Wick: Chapters 4 and 5released in 2023 and 2024, respectively, in BRZRKR, a sci-fi thriller based on a comic book created by Reeves himself, and in the television miniseries The Devil in the White City, a historical thriller set in Chicago in 1893, which weaves the true stories of Daniel Burnham, the architect behind the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago, and HH Holmes, a serial killer who lured his victims in what he had called his “Castle of Murder”. , a huge three-story building that served as his lodgings, pharmacy, store, and hotel. Police at the time searching the building claimed to have found the remains of at least 150 people inside.

The Oscar nominee Barbara Hershey (Entity, The Black Swan, Insidious Trilogy) has signed on to star with three-time Oscar nominee Nick Nolte in the psychological thriller Eugene the sailordirected by director Hank Bedford on his second feature after the crime drama Dixie Land of 2017.

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Nolte will play Gene, a widowed former Marine who sees his highly regulated life fall apart after his son begins to force him to sell his lifelong home. Hershey will play Frances, described as “a mysteriously familiar woman who opens a new chapter in Gene’s life.”

Bedford will direct “Eugene the Marine” from a script he wrote with Cesare Gagliardoni, editor and post-production supervisor here during his first rehearsal as a writer.

Hank Bedford is also a producer with Stephen Vincent. Matthew Shreder of Concourse Media is the project’s executive producer.

We will soon see Nick Nolte also in Blackout, an action thriller starring Abbie Cornish and Josh Duhamel that follows a man who wakes up with no memories in a hospital where he is being chased by cartel men and there seems to be no way out. The man on the run will have to find a way to survive, recover his memory and discover why he is recluse in this place.

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