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Italian Lockdown with Ezio Greggio on Canale 5

Cast and characters Ezio GreggioGiovanniRicky MemphisWalterPaola Minaccioni: MarielleMartina Stella as TamaraGiuseppe Casteltrione: GaetanRomina Pierdomenico: BiancaBiagio Izzo as LeporeMaurizio Mattioli: MarioneFabrice Braconneri as LorisGaia Insenga: VeroniqueRiccardo RossiPaolo PersichettiMaria Luisa JacobelliMoniqueHarmail Kumar: Happy Original comedians Enzo SalviPaolo …

Cast and characters

Ezio GreggioGiovanni
Ricky MemphisWalter
Paola Minaccioni: Marielle
Martina Stella as Tamara
Giuseppe Casteltrione: Gaetan
Romina Pierdomenico: Bianca
Biagio Izzo as Lepore
Maurizio Mattioli: Marione
Fabrice Braconneri as Loris
Gaia Insenga: Veronique
Riccardo RossiPaolo Persichetti
Maria Luisa JacobelliMonique
Harmail Kumar: Happy

Original comedians

Enzo SalviPaolo

The parcel

Rome. Two couples, who couldn’t be more different. Ezio Greggio, lawyer, with his wife Mariella, Paola Minaccioni, a superficial bourgeoise. They live in a luxurious apartment in the historic center. Ricky Memphis, taxi driver, with his partner Martina Stella, saleswoman. They live in a modest apartment on the outskirts. On Whats App, Minaccioni discovers that Greggio is cheating on her with Martina Stella. And Memphis discovers that Martina Stella is cheating on him with Greggio. The two “traitors” are expelled from the house. But today is March 8, 2020. On TV, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announces to Unified Networks that he has triggered the lockdown due to Corona virus concerns. Closed shops, shops, hotels. No one can move from their home. But above all, no one can leave his own common. Today, Greggio and Stella are stuck in the houses they were evicted from. For them begins a tragicomic coexistence with Minaccioni and Memphis, their Ex. We do not reveal the course of this tragicomic coexistence. But we can foresee that all the daily passages that have characterized the life of all Italians will be treated in a light and fun way. And not only. Masks, gloves, shopping trips, outings to the pharmacy, walks with the dog, jogging, certifications, the desire for the sea, condominium terraces. And also the difficulty of understanding what to do, how to do it. The unfathomable decrees. Smart work from home. I call them via Skype. The gym made on video. The problem of hair for women. But it’s a bittersweet comedy that treats the drama outside these homes with respect and emotion. Attacks of anxiety, fear, addiction are staged during press conferences on daily data. The long days And the sad melancholy for the elderly.

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  • The film represents Enrico Vanzina’s directorial debut following the death of his brother Carlo, with whom he had entered into an artistic partnership (the first as screenwriter, the second as director and co-screenwriter) which finished with previous Treasure hunt.
  • “Lockdown all’italiana” is the first Italian fiction film shot after the end of the confinement imposed to counter the spread of COVID-19 to be released in theaters.
  • Following the publication of the film’s poster and trailer, controversies have arisen on the web as to whether or not it is legitimate to deal with serious subjects such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the related confinement through a comedy. , moreover with still the same ongoing pandemic. Director Vanzina immediately defended himself by calling the film’s critics cowards and saying he felt proud to be part of the long tradition of Italian comedy, which “has always told of human characters who harbor weaknesses and des miseries”, and also guaranteed that it was a “funny and witty film about many paradoxical confinement situations”, but also “melancholic” and respectful towards the many victims of the virus. Ezio Greggio was tougher, calling those who criticized the film on the web “idiots”.

Director’s Notes

I will not regret having made my debut as a director with this little film. For a very simple reason: it’s the exact legacy that my father Steno and my brother Carlo left me. It is for a series of reasons that I will briefly summarize. It is an unpretentious film. It’s a very “written” film, as they liked it, in the conviction that a film is above all a screenplay. This is perhaps the most “written” film I have made in recent years. It’s a real Italian comedy. He treats a dramatic subject lightly. It’s a film about the reality that surrounds us. It is a film in which the director relies body and soul on the actors. By esteeming them and loving them. It’s a bad movie too. Yes, it’s a bad movie. My protagonists are “monsters”. Monsters that endear themselves but monsters always remain. This doesn’t happen often in recent comedies which almost all talk in a cheesy way about love. In the film, and there could be too, there is never any pretext for political satire on the handling of the virus. Never a word about the government and those who have faced the enormous responsibility of handling this emergency. It is not a political film. It is a comedy. To approach my first production, I chose two films: “Perfect Strangers” by Paolo Genovese and “Carnage” by Roman Polanski. I chose them because they were able to tell, in a fantastic way, a story enclosed within a few walls. I chose to make a few cuts because both Carlo and Steno have always thought that when a couple of good actors are in a duet, it is better to stay “in pairs”, without breaking too much with the close-ups. I shot the film in a few days. As if to say: I adapted to the difficult situation created by the Covid even in the making of a film. I’m proud of it. You can make a real film without a “monstrous” team and without staying on set for weeks and weeks. Cinema, after all, is a simple thing. And I tried to be simple. Anyway, it’ll be fine, I won’t regret it. [Enrico Vanzina]

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Enrico Vanzina – biographical notes

Born in Rome in 1949, he is an Italian screenwriter and film producer, and today also a director. He also works as a journalist and writer. He is the eldest son of director and screenwriter Steno (pseudonym of Stefano Vanzina) and Maria Teresa Nati, and the brother of director and producer Carlo Vanzina. He obtained the French Baccalaureate at the Lycée Chateaubriand in Rome in 1966. He obtained his diploma in Political Science in Rome in 1970. He worked for a few years as deputy director of his father Steno. In 1976, he began a career as a screenwriter. He wrote 100 films in collaboration with many of the most famous Italian directors: Dino Risi, Marco Risi, Alberto Lattuada, Steno, Mario Monicelli, Nanni Loy and many others. With his brother Carlo, director, he made some of the greatest successes of cinema from the 70s to today. Among the films that invented a genre and a host of actors.

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  • The original music for the film is by Silvio Amato and Umberto Smailathe duo also signed the soundtracks of Three sisters, Odyssey at the hospice, Italian business And Infernet.


1. Italian Lockdown 2:52
2. A 0:57 message arrived
3. Plastic Poses 2:04
4. At 6 a.m. 1:26 a.m.
5. These days 1:15
6. What a disappointment 2:18
7. Plastic poses (alternate version) 0:25
8. Italian lock (piano version) 0:59
9. Italian Lock (Pizzicato Version) 1:29
10. It won’t be the same 1:47
11. I’m not waiting for tomorrow 0:44
12. Woody 1:46

The soundtrack of “Italian Lockdown” is available on Amazon.

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