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Halloween Kills, review: the saga is being rewritten and Michael Myers is back in great shape From October 20, 2022 it will debut in Italian cinemas with Universal Pictures Halloween ends, the third film in …

From October 20, 2022 it will debut in Italian cinemas with Universal Pictures Halloween ends, the third film in director David Gordon Green’s new sequel trilogy based on John Carpenter’s iconic cult slasher “Halloween – The Night of the Witches.” Relaunched in 2018 with sequel Halloween which tied directly into John Carpenter’s original by canceling every subsequent sequel, the film was a massive hit with an overall gross of $255 million on a budget of $15 million plus the $131 million afterwards. halloween kills.

Plot and Cast

An official “Halloween Ends” plot has not been provided at this time, but director David Gordon Green has confirmed that unlike halloween kills, in “Halloween Ends”, there will be a four-year time jump. “Halloween Ends” will take place four years after the events of the previous film and will deal with real-world events that have occurred since 2018, including the COVID-19 pandemic. Green also added that Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) may not be the main driving force behind the upcoming film and that her granddaughter Allyson (Andi Matichak) could take charge instead.

We are moving forward a bit in time [Halloween Ends] but part of what we are exploring is how Laurie and some of our characters worked those years between Halloween 2018 and the events and tragedies of that night until Halloween 2022 [tracciando il viaggio] where they will be realized in their psychological consequences.

The cast also includes Kyle Richards, Nick Lawrence, Michael O’Leary from “Law & Order: Organized Crime” who will play “Doctor Mathis”, a character briefly mentioned in Halloween Kills. Nick Castle the original Michael Myers also returns, but only in a cameo and newcomer James Jude Courtney who will return to officially portray The Shadow.

Unfortunately, this article and other recent articles about the production of Halloween Ends mistakenly think I’m playing Michael Myers. The talented James Jude Courtney will once again play MM. I’ll make a funny appearance but give credit where it’s due.

Halloween is over – trailers and videos

First official trailer released on July 20, 2022

First official Italian trailer released on July 20, 2022

New Official Original Language TV Spot Aired September 16, 2022


  • Director David Gordon Green returns to direct “Halloween Ends” which he also co-wrote with Danny McBride (Halloween 2018, Halloween Kills), Chris Bernier (The House: A Hulu Halloween Anthology) and Paul Brad Logan (Manglehorn).
  • “Halloween Ends” is the third film in David Gordon Green’s Halloween sequel trilogy, preceded by 2018’s Halloween and 2021’s Halloweek Kills.
  • Director David Gordon Green confirmed in an interview for Halloween Kills that there will be a four-year gap between the two films for Halloween Ends.
  • Halloween (2018) comes out forty years after Halloween – The Night of the Witches (1978). Halloween Kills (2021) was released forty years after The Lord of Death (1981). Halloween Ends (2022) will be released forty years after Halloween III – Lord of the Night (1982).
  • David Gordon Green speaking to a podcast said Halloween Ends will have a different tone to the first two films, a tone closer to John Carpenter’s classic Christine – Hell Machine: “There aren’t many games, there are there’s not a lot of spirit. and retro joy. It’s kind of a coming-of-age movie, and it has a very different tone. And that’s what got me excited is that the three chapters that I participated in were very different from each other. They’re all there to honor Carpenter, but you don’t have to just emulate him. I sent Carpenter the new draft of Halloween Ends the other night, and I said, “If that sounds too much Christine, let me know.” For Halloween Ends, it’s just love for Carpenter, you know. It’s more than just “Hey, here’s a character and community you created.” It’s, ‘Here’s an appreciation for your legendary work.’ “
  • The film is produced by Blumhouse Productions, Miramax, Rough House Pictures, Trancas International Films and Universal Pictures.
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Interviews and statements

New statement from John Carpenter released August 24, 2022

On whether “Halloween Ends” will truly deliver, ending the franchise once and for all, Carpenter spoke his mind during a recent panel held in Pennsylvania at the Steel City Convention (via ):

I didn’t expect a sequel [di Halloween ’78]. The world of cinema is ruled by money. [Il primo] Halloween made so much money, and lo and behold, the same guys are back [dicendomi], ‘Hey John, let’s do another one. I guarantee Halloween Ends will make you a lot of money, and guess what? It will be just to see how much.

New set image released on August 24, 2022

Nick Castle, who played the original “The Shape” aka “The Shadow” in 1978, returned in 2018 to provide Michael Myers breathing sound effects. He also filmed a cameo for “Halloween Kills”, although that sequence became one of the film’s deleted scenes. Now Castle has shared an image showing him during a new recording session this time for “Halloween Ends”.

Breathing some life into The Shape for the last time. You can see his photo in the recording studio below. By the way, I’ll be in the new movie, but I won’t be behind the mask. Don’t tell anyone.” You will see me, you will see this face. Yes, for the first time on camera, the true face of Nicholas Castle.

New official images and videos released on September 16, 2022


  • The original music for “Halloween Ends” is by John Charpentier who also composed the soundtracks for previous “Halloween 2018” and “Halloween Kills”.
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Photos and posters

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