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Home of the stars on Rai 3, trailers and curiosities

Cast and characters Graciela Borges as Mara OrdazOscar MartinezNorberto ImbertLuis Brandoni: Pedro De CordovaMarcos Mundstock: Martin SaraviaClara LagoBarbara OtamendiNicolas Francella: Francisco GourmandLuz Cipriota: hostessMaru Zapata: receptionistAnwar Yoma: Valet ParkingManuel Martinez: Omar GhassanAyelén Dotti as Mara …

Cast and characters

Graciela Borges as Mara Ordaz
Oscar MartinezNorberto Imbert
Luis Brandoni: Pedro De Cordova
Marcos Mundstock: Martin Saravia
Clara LagoBarbara Otamendi
Nicolas Francella: Francisco Gourmand
Luz Cipriota: hostess
Maru Zapata: receptionist
Anwar Yoma: Valet Parking
Manuel Martinez: Omar Ghassan
Ayelén Dotti as Mara Joven
Nicolas FiorePedro Joven
Adriana Garibaldi as Estelle
Dana Gabriela Basso: Elvira

Plot and Cast

A beautiful star from the golden age of cinema, an actor at the end of his life, a brilliant screenwriter and a talented director live together in a villa where they have created an unusual environment. The arrival of a young couple who tries to persuade the actress to sell the house will force the other inhabitants to use all their skills to prevent it.


  • “La casa delle stelle” is a remake of the Argentinian film Yesterday’s guys didn’t use arsenic (“Los muchachos de antes no usaban arsénico”) from 1976.
  • The director of the film, Argentinian Juan José Campanella, is known for having directed The bride’s son (El hijo de la novia), nominated for the Oscar for best foreign film in 2002, and winner of the Oscar for best foreign film in 2010 The secret of his eyes (El secreto de sus ojos), a film which had an American remake with Chiwetel Ejiofor, Nicole Kidman and Julia Roberts. Campanella is also a television director, active for him in several episodes of Law & Order – Special Victims Unit and some episodes of Dr. House – Medical Division. It is also the Argentinian television series water winds.
  • Argentinian actor Oscar Martínez (Norberto) won the Volpi Cup in 2016 for Best Actor at the 73rd Venice International Film Festival for The illustrious citizen.
  • The lead actress’ fictional debut, “The Girl Who Cried Bitch” (La niña que gritó puta) references director Campanella’s 1991 real-life debut, Bad Boy Story – The Boy Who Screamed (The boy who cried bitch)
  • This film marked the last performance of actor Marcos Mundstock (Martin), who died in 2020.
  • Director Juan José Campanella and actor Luis Brandoni (Pedro) have already collaborated on My masterpiece.
  • “La casa delle stelle” is produced by Juan José Campanella, Gerardo Herrero, Axel Kuschevatzky, Mercedes Tarelli, Martino Zaidelis and Camilo Antolini.
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  • The original music of “La casa delle stelle” is by the composer Emilio Kauderer (Miss Bala, The Mule, The secret of his eyes remade, My masterpiece). Kauderer and director Juan José Campanella also collaborated on The secret of his eyes And El mismo amor, la misma lluvia.
  • The soundtrack includes the songs: “I’m Sorry” by Brenda Lee (1960) and “Young at Heart” from Frank Sinatra (1953).


1. El Cuento de las Comadrejas (Main Theme – Waltz) 1:07
2. I’m sorry (Brenda Lee) 2:40
3. Partido De Pool 3:16
4. Regresa Tarde 0:39
5. Que Torpeza 2:19
6. Love Theme 2:42
7. The Antidote 4:08
8. Motivation 2:04
9. Yo Eunuch 1:50
10. Only You (and You Alone) (The Platters) 2:40
11. Brazalete Oldie 0:38
12. Return to Actuar 1:59
13. The Almendras 4:34
14. Young at Heart (Perry Como, Mitchell Ayres & His Orchestra) 2:57
15. Que Pedrazo de Eunuch 1:14
16. Dame la Mano 1:50
17. Discover the Diosa 1:04
18. Los Villanos 0:43
19. Limbo Rock (Chubby Checker) 2:22
20. End of announcement 0:45
21. Theme from Amor Projector 2:25
22. Certificate of Defuncion 3:51
23. No Saben Lo Que Me Paso 1:50
24. Vamanos Pedro 0:56

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The House of Stars soundtrack is available on Amazon.

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