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Harriet on Channel 5, plot, anecdotes and trailer

Cast and characters Cynthia Erivo: Harriet TubmanLeslie Odom Jr.William StillJoe Alwyn as Gideon BrodessJennifer Nettles as ElizaClarke PetersBen RossJanelle Monae: Marie BuchanonVanessa Bell Calloway as Rit RossVondie Curtis-Hall: Reverend Samuel GreenOmar Dorsey: longerTory KittlesFrederick DouglassTim …

Cast and characters

Cynthia Erivo: Harriet Tubman
Leslie Odom Jr.William Still
Joe Alwyn as Gideon Brodess
Jennifer Nettles as Eliza
Clarke PetersBen Ross
Janelle Monae: Marie Buchanon
Vanessa Bell Calloway as Rit Ross
Vondie Curtis-Hall: Reverend Samuel Green
Omar Dorsey: longer
Tory KittlesFrederick Douglass
Tim Guinea: Thomas Garrett

Italian comedians

Chiara Gioncardi as Harriet Tubman
Riccardo RossiWilliam Still
Davide Perino as Gideon Brodess
Letizia Scifoni as Marie Buchanon

The parcel

Based on the thrilling and inspiring life of an iconic American freedom fighter, Harriet tells the extraordinary story of Harriet Tubman’s escape from slavery and her transformation into one of America’s greatest heroes. His courage, ingenuity and tenacity freed hundreds of slaves and changed the course of history.


  • The film was nominated for two Oscars: best actress for Cynthia Erivo and best song for “Stand Up”.
  • Director Kasi Lemmons also directed Eve’s Bay, shades of crime, talk with me And A special Christmas in New Yorkk.
  • Kasi Lemmons is directing “Harriet” from a screenplay he wrote with Gregory Allen Howard who is also writing the story. Howard wrote the screenplay for the sports drama The taste of victory – United we win with Denzel Washington and the Sports Biopic Story Ali with Will Smith.
  • Cynthia Erivo is in her third big-screen role here after making her thriller debut 7 strangers at El Royale and having acted the same year in Widows – Criminal Legacy. Erivo will later star in the TV series Outsider in a sci-fi drama chaotic walkin the television series Genius as Aretha Franklin and in the live-action Pinocchio remake as the Blue Fairy.
  • The cast includes country music star Jennifer Nettles (Eliza) in her third foray into acting and her first film role after starring in TV movies. A coat of a thousand colors (2015) and A colorful Christmas (2016). Nettles is best known for her starring role in the duo Sugarland alongside Kristian Bush. He is in duet with Bon Jovi on the song “Who Says You Can’t Go Home” (2006) and on the single “Do What You Can”. In January 2014, she released her first solo album, “That Girl”.
  • Harriet Tubman really had visions as depicted in the film. Many historians claim that this is likely due to a head injury he suffered in his youth.
  • When William Still notes the name of Harriet Tubman in the list of conductors, 4 names are visible. The name at the top of the list is unclear, but the other three names are: Lewis Napoleon 21-2 (91.3% success rate), Moses Pinkett 28-5 (84.8%) and John Clay 43-7 (86.0%). Harriet claimed she never lost a slave, leaving her with a 100% success rate.
  • This is the first feature film on the life of Harriet Tubman.
  • Producer Debra Martin Chase cast Cynthia Erivo for the title role because of her impressive string of Tony, Grammy and Emmy awards for the Broadway musical “The Color Purple.”
  • The character of Marie Buchanon was created especially for the film.
  • Cynthia Erivo and Leslie Odom Jr. won Tony Awards at the same ceremony for multiple shows. Erivo won Best Lead Actress in a Musical for “The Color Purple”, Odom won Best Lead Actor in a Musical for “Hamilton.”
  • When the production was criticized for casting British actress Cynthia Erivo in the key role of American icon Harriet Tubman, director Kasi Lemmons explained that the film largely portrayed minorities, including African Americans: the director , the screenwriters, the decorator, the music composer, make-up and wig.
  • According to producer Debra Martin Chase, the project took seven years to finally hit the screen.
  • After escaping slavery for the first time, Harriet describes herself as “a foreigner in a foreign land”. The phrase is taken from the book of Exodus, the book of the Bible that speaks of the people of Israel fleeing slavery in Egypt.
  • Harriet Tubman was 1.52m tall, Cynthia Erivo is 1.54m tall, only 2cm taller than Tubman.
  • In a deleted scene, the fourth name on the host list is visible and is George Wilmer at 39-3 for a 92.8% success rate.
  • When the two slave hunters arrive, they are accompanied by a German shepherd. The German Shepherd was not officially recognized as a breed until 1899, although these dogs had been prominent as German Shepherd dogs much earlier.
  • In her next major role, as Detective Holly Gibney in the TV series “The Outsider” (2020), Cynthia Erivo once again plays another character with clairvoyant or psychic abilities.
  • The film, which cost $17 million, grossed around $43 million worldwide.
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  • The original music for “Harriet” is by the composer Terence Blanchardtwice nominated for an Oscar for the soundtracks of From 5 Bloods – Like Brothers And BlacKkKlansman both directed by Spike Lee, a director with whom Blanchard collaborates assiduously. Blanchard’s other credits include music by Malcolm X, Love & Basketball, Inside the man, Black or white and more recently That night in Miami and episodes of the series Genius And Perry Mason.
  • The soundtrack includes the original song “Stand Up” performed by Cynthia Erivo and nominated for an Oscar and a Golden Globe for Best Original Song.


1. Opening 1:14
2. Hold On (Vondie Curtis-Hall) 0:49
3. Broken contract 1:28
4. On The Run 1:43
5. Farewell Song (Terence Blanchard & Cynthia Erivo) 1:12
6. I’ll be with you 1:30
7. Fear is your enemy 1:40
8. Run for the bridge 2:08
9. Suicide 1:22
10. Back in motion 1:40
11. Walk to freedom 1:20
12. Walk like you have 1:01 right
13. Minty’s story 2:41
14. At Mary’s 0:34
15. Harriet takes a bath 2:44
16. I’m going home 3:04
17. I listen to your voice 1:07
18. The railroad starts at 4:29
19. Bigger Long Meeting 1:51
20. We’re going left 1:21
21. You of little faith 2:10
22. The Lost 1:33
23. Back in Philadelphia 0:32
24. Talking to God 2:05
25. Meet the subway 1:36
26. Free Rachel 1:20
27. You the one they call Moses 1:00
28. I have to go 4:14
29. Death of Mary 4:05
30. Flash 1:58
31. Sign of Judgment (Vondie Curtis-Hall) 1:02
32. Greater and Gideon 2:16
33. Our time is near (our people is 1:08
34. Harriet Comes Home 2:12
35. Standing (Cynthia Erivo) 5:03

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The soundtrack to “Harriet” is available on Amazon.

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