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guide to the documentary by Laura Poitras who triumphed in Venice 79

All the beauty and bloodshedthe Oscar-winning director’s documentary for Citizenfour Laura Poitrassurprisingly triumphed 79th Venice Film Festivalwinning the third American Golden Lion of the last four years after the holidays Joker And nomadland (which also …

All the beauty and bloodshedthe Oscar-winning director’s documentary for Citizenfour Laura Poitrassurprisingly triumphed 79th Venice Film Festivalwinning the third American Golden Lion of the last four years after the holidays Joker And nomadland (which also adds The shape of water of 2017) and the third consecutive to a director after those of Chloé Zhao and Anne’s ChoiceThe Event by Audrey Diwan.

An almost totally unexpected reward (even if it was rumored that the president of the jury Julianne Moore had left the room in tears after the screening), versed in a classic documentary, which nevertheless hosts many moments of great cinema (the final trial in video link is indignant and very painful) and combines in a precise, lucid and passionate story thoughts on art And civic engagement.

The film describes the story of internationally renowned artist and activist Nan Goldinsaid through slides, intimate dialogues, unpublished photographs and rare filmsof his fight to obtain the recognition of the Sackler family responsible for drug overdose deaths. The film weaves together the deeply personal and political aspects, from actions at renowned art institutions, to images of friends and colleagues captured by Goldin, to the devastating events Sex Addiction Ballad and the mythical AIDS exhibition Witnesses: against our disappearance 1989, censored by the National Endowment for the Arts.

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The story begins with PAIN (Prescription Addiction Intervention Now), a group of her founded to urge museums to reject Sackler funds and promote harm reduction strategies. Inspired by Act Up, the group orchestrated a series of protests aimed at exposing the Sacklers and the crimes of the Purdue Pharmaproducer ofoxycodone. At the center of the film are Goldin’s artwork The Ballad of Sex Addiction, The Other Side, Sisters, Saints and Sibyls And lost memory. In these works, Goldin he depicts his friends representing them with beauty and raw tenderness and those friendships and the legacy of sister Barbara are the basis of all of Nan Goldin’s art.

Film combines Nan Goldin’s past and present, restores her own very rich and eventful personal life and a private world inhabited by companions of life and love, underground culture and cheeky, immodest and memorable clichéselucidating in particular the undersea world of New York punk and LGBT+ culture in the late 1970s and early 1980s. And it makes a special impression, compared to our present, when Goldin remembers when they told him, at that time and in an attempt to demolish his art, that no one photographs their life.

To animate the Poitras doc there is also the warning a reduce the social stigma associated with substance abusewhich prevents you from actually approaching and dealing with the problem at different levels. Oxycodone victims were at least four thousand (among others, it was also fatal to Prince and Heath Ledger) and the Sackler family attempted to cleanse their conscience and image by promoting art in various galleries and institutions around the world as patrons. Nan Goldin however obtained, thanks to his commitment, the withdrawal of the name and the funds of the Sacklers from the most prestigious museums in the world such as Louvre, Metropolitan, Tate Gallery and many more.

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All the beauty and bloodshedproduced by Participant, Howard Gertler, John Lyons, Nan Goldin, Yoni Golijov and Laura Poitras, will be distributed in Italy by I wonder picturesincluding the founder and CEO Andrea Romeo commented on the Golden Lion news: “Laura Poitras, whose Citizenfour we had the privilege of distributing (which won her both an Oscar and a Pulitzer) leads us once again to delve into our contemporaneity to unexplored depths. He does this with a film about our world obsessed with profit and powerdoes it with a film on art and justice that makes us discover the mechanisms of contemporary communication. All the Beauty and the Bloodshed is an exhilarating adventure alongside a magnificent artist like Nan Goldin”.

Director Laura Poitras described her film as follows: I started working on this film with Nan in 2019two years after deciding to use his influence as an artist to denounce the criminal responsibility of the very wealthy Sackler family in the overdose crisis. The process of making this film was deeply intimate. Nan and I met at her house over the weekend and talked. At first I was drawn to the terrifying story of a billionaire family who knowingly created an epidemic and then poured money into museums, getting tax deductions and the ability to name a few galleries in return. But as we talked, I realized that was only part of the story I wanted to tell, and that the heart of the film is Nan’s art, photography, and the legacy of her friends. and his sister Barbara. A Legacy of People Fleeing America“.



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