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docufilm trailer produced by Nanni Moretti

After the presentation in Venice 79, the magazine “Giornate degli Autori”, on September 15, it arrives in cinemas Las Leonas, the docufilm by Chiara Bondì and Isabel Achával which tells the story of a group …

After the presentation in Venice 79, the magazine “Giornate degli Autori”, on September 15, it arrives in cinemas Las Leonas, the docufilm by Chiara Bondì and Isabel Achával which tells the story of a group of immigrant women in Rome, linked by a passion for football. By following them during the Las Leonas Trophy matches, you will also be able to observe their private life, their work, their outlook, between hopes, expectations and very busy days. Produces (and participates friendly) Nanni Moretti.

Plot and Cast

The official plot: The 8-a-side International Women’s Football Championship takes place at the Vis Aurelia football field, in a remote area of ​​central Rome: the Las Leonas trophy. Six teams participate; it mainly includes Latin American footballers, but also Moroccans, Moldovans, Cape Verdeans, Chinese, Italians… The film tells the life stories, dreams, difficulties of Vania, Melisa, Joan, Bea, Siham, Ana, Elvira ; each with their own emigration path, with their own family history but all sharing the same passion for football. Lionesses in life and on the football field, the protagonists, almost all caregivers, servants or nannies, are filmed in the homes where they work, in family life and during the football championship, when the field becomes a place of aggregation, a moment of freedom, entertainment and social redemption.

A film with Bea (Peruvian, 36), Elvira (Ecuadorian, 48), Ana (Moldova, 40), Melisa (Peruvian, 38), Joan (Peruvian, 34), Vania (Cape Verdean, 37) , Siham (Moroccan, 44) and with Nanni Moretti.

Las Leonas – trailers and videos


  • “Las Leonas” was presented in Venice 79, “Giornate degli Autori” in the section “Venetian Nights” in tune with the island of Oedipus.
  • The directors Isabel Achával and Chiara Bondì in 2013 signed together the production of the short film In the sea where I was born, produced by Locomotion Films and the Chiara Idea Foundation. It is part of the selection “Short films what a passion! », the best Italian short films selected by FICE (Italian Federation of Arthouse Cinema).
  • The team supporting directors Isabel Achával and Chiara Bondì behind the scenes included director of photography Sabrina Varani and editor Desideria Rayner. Loredana Conte is the assistant director with Giulia Bella who edited the sound live. The original music is by composer Mario Tronco.
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Director’s Notes

We wanted to tell the stories of some foreign women who share a passion for football. The first time we saw them play, it seemed like something special was happening on the football pitch. It was as if they were flying behind the ball. The football field had become a moment of social redemption and represented the fulfillment of a desire that was hard to find in real life. We wanted to tell the feeling of freedom and joy that they transmitted to us. Bea, Siham, Melisa, Vania, Elvira, Joan and Ana, the protagonists of our film, immediately seemed like great fighters. Proud and strong as lionesses, they continue in life with optimism and courage, despite the difficulties of their personal stories. As Ana, a Moldovan girl protagonist of the film, says of her football partners: “They are the ones who taught me to accept life, to face it as it is, never to cry over me -same”. Many of them dreamed of becoming professional players, others had never played in their life, but for all of them chasing a ball means being able to dream and forget everyday fatigue. The contrast between the fatigue of work, the loneliness of living in a foreign country far from your family and the adrenaline, the strength that comes from playing football, immediately seemed very strong to me. It was the starting point of our film. We were really interested in building on the strength that each of these women brings into their lives because that also happens, in a way, when chasing the ball. Here, the football field becomes a metaphor for their existence. [Isabel Achával e Chiara Bondì]

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Isabel Achaval & Chiara Bianchi – biographical notes

After graduating in filmmaking from the Universidad del Cine in Buenos Aires, after acting in numerous films and in the first French format launched on the Argentine market, Fort Boyard, Isabel Achaval began working for television and cinema. In 2004, he followed the professional training “Making a documentary” at the National Audiovisual Institute (INA) in Paris. He participates in the Berlinale Talent Campus where he obtains the main role in the short film: The taming of the night directed by Béatrice Kobow. Rain stories is her first documentary film as author and director, co-produced by Belgian public television. Distributed in Italy by Blue Film. In 2010, he collaborated with Rai Tre in the production of a short film entitled born apart. He also acted in short films by Belgian directors: Nicole Palo (Anna doesn’t know) and Romain Graf (Week end). In 2016, he moved to New York where he began his collaboration with the artist Marina Sagona. Together they participate in the project Author’s conspiracies designed by Simona Marchini – with the aim of creating a dialogue between artists, directors and writers. In 2017, he directed the short film 47 years, 1 month and 3 days, inspired by the story of writer Jhumpa Lahiri and artwork by Marina Sagona. The project was presented at the Rome Film Fest of the same year. Also in New York, during the pandemic, he also directed the documentary central park currently in post-production. He now lives in Brussels with his family.

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A graduate in philosophy at La Sapienza University in Rome, after obtaining a doctorate in video art, she took various courses in creative writing, including those of Rai “Script” and the National School of Cinema (2001- 02). With Cecilia Comani he wrote and produced the short film Rosa Rosaeproduced by Farout Films and winner of the Lazio Short Film Competition in 2000. He wrote and directed the documentary i mother produced by Blue Film and winner of the Parma Video Film Festival 2006. In recent years, alongside writing, she has devoted herself to production following the making of documentaries such as Pietro Germi: the good, the beautiful, the bad selected at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival and co-produced with la7, Ascent Film and Blue Film. In 2010 he follows the realization of the documentary on Ugo Tognazzi Portrait of my fatherdirected by Maria Sole Tognazzi, and the production of the documentary Rossellini’s whale, by Claudio Bondi. In 2017 he participated in the project Author’s conspiracies designed by Simona Marchini. He signs the short film as director Monte Soratte, it’s eveninginspired by the poetic text of Claudio Damiani and the artworks of Jannis Kounellis, presented as a special event at the Rome Film Fest 2017.

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