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docufilm trailer on Paolo Rossi

September 19, 20 and 21 at the cinema with Vision Distribution It was all beautiful – Story of Paolino and Pablito, a new documentary by Walter Veltroni that tells the story of footballer and legend …

September 19, 20 and 21 at the cinema with Vision Distribution It was all beautiful – Story of Paolino and Pablito, a new documentary by Walter Veltroni that tells the story of footballer and legend Paolo Rossi. The film is a Palomar production in collaboration with Sky.

The official plot

A seemingly weak child from a proletarian family, Paolino plays football every day on the grounds of the oratory in his home town of Prato. The talent is noticeable and, at only fourteen years old, he is called up to play in the youth team of the great Juventus, which forces him to move alone to Turin. He broke his meniscus three times at the start of a career that may never begin. After becoming the top scorer and driving Italy crazy at the World Cup in Argentina, when he entered everyone’s hearts with the nickname Pablito, his career again suffered a setback: he was hit by charges in the ugly case of football betting. Although acquitted by the court, sports justice condemned him to two years of absence from the field. Immediately afterwards, however, Enzo Bearzot, who always loved and esteemed him, took him to Spain without hesitation to play that 82 World Cup that all of Italy remembers. Private films, interviews with those who knew him in his intimacy, repertoire of his most extraordinary ordeals and testimonies of his most difficult moments, the story of Paolo Rossi (with Paolino and Pablito) is always pain, joy, sacrifice , triumph.

The casting

Leonardo Turco (Paolo Rossi as a child), Gianmarco Piccione, (Rossano Rossi as a child), Mirco Pestelli (Dante Mondanelli as a child). Questioned person : Federica Cappelletti, Rossano Rossi, Antonio Cabrini, Marco Tardelli Giuseppe Bergomi and with (in alphabetical order) Gianfranco Alberti, Sergio Bastogi, Anna Bertini, Fabio Bianchini, Massimo Briaschi, Giampaolo Casarotto, Ilario Castagner, Valerio Cencetti, Piero Colzi, Francisco Corrales Perez, Vicente Fresnillo, Uberto Gatti, Claudio Lanzi, Giuseppe Lelj, Renzo Luchini, Stefano Mannelli, Dante Mondanelli, Mario Mugani, Michele Nappi, Giacomo Navanzino, Simone Nesti, Aldo Nesticò, Antonio Papa, Daniele Paoletti, Marco Parenti, Leandro Puccini, Giorgio Pugi, Alberto Miguel Ramazzini, Monica Salvi, Alessandro Rossi, Mavi Rossi, Sofia Rossi, Ilario Saturni and Vinicio Verza.

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Everything was fine – trailers and videos

Paolo Rossi – Biographical notes

Paolo Rossi is one of the hundred best footballers of the 20th century, according to the ranking published by World Soccer magazine. He was included in the FIFA 100, the list of the 125 greatest living players selected by Pelé (Pélé is the first in the ranking of the best players of the century) and by FIFA, on the occasion of its centenary (2004). Pelé himself, seeing him play as a youngster at the 1978 World Cup in Argentina, said he was “strong and smart, worthy of playing in Brazil”. With 82 goals in ten Serie A seasons and 215 games, Rossi carried the Italian national team from 1976 to 1986, taking part in three World Cups (Argentina, Spain and Mexico). Paolo Rossi is the only Italian, along with Paolo Baldieri, to have scored in five consecutive games for the U21 national team.

Everything Was Fine – Director’s Notes

Everyone knows everything about Paolo Rossi’s season as world champion. We know less about his life, his story. We went to Santa Lucia, a hamlet of Prato, to find its places. We heard from our brother Rossano the stories of when two of them, the children, snuggled up in bed to face the cold or when they threw away the olive trees to play football. Paolino was a frail creature, endowed with incredible talent and determination. His Cattolica Virtus teammates came together to remember their missing partner. Marco Tardelli and Antonio Cabrini returned to the scene of the World Cup won to talk about him. And with his wife Federica and his daughters, we remembered his last years. It’s the story of two people in one, Paolino and Pablito, united by two characteristics: the ability to react in the face of adversity and pain (injuries and football bets) and a smile. The smile with which the film opens and closes. It’s the story of an Italian, not just a footballer. [Walter Veltroni]

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Walter Veltroni – biographical notes

Walter Veltroni was born in Rome on July 3, 1953 and is an Italian politician and journalist. A figurehead of the Democratic Party, he was its national secretary from the year of its founding, in 2007, until 2009, when he resigned following the defeat of the party in the regional elections in Sardinia. Veltroni is also known for having served as mayor of Rome for two consecutive terms, from 2001 to 2008. Before joining the Democratic Party, Veltroni spent a long time in the PDS, of which he was national secretary from 1998 to 2001, and who later helped transform into Ds. Veltroni also held the positions of Vice-President of the Council and Minister of Cultural and Environmental Heritage under the Prodi government, from 1996 to 1998. Veltroni, who since 1995 has been on the register of professional journalists and has also been director of “L ‘Unità’ is a great cinephile: his contribution to the birth of the Rome International Film Festival was certainly important, when he was mayor of the capital. In the spring of 2014, he made his debut as a director, with the documentary film When There Was Berlinguer, produced with Sky Cinema on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of the death of the historic secretary of the PCI. He is a writer and has published numerous novels, his main works are essays on the most varied themes: cinema in “The fourth good reason to live. 101 movies that are good for the soul”, the capital characters of American politics past and present as in “The Broken Dream”. The ideas of Robert Kennedy” and his other great passion, music, with “The world record”. Short life of Luca Flores, musician”. Veltroni received the following distinctions: Officer of the Legion of Honor and Knight of the Grand Cross of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic.

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Cinema and television

2022 Documentary “Everything was beautiful – Story of Paolino and Pablito”
2019 “It’s time”
2017 Documentary “Everything before these eyes”
2016 “School of Happiness” TV series
2016 Documentary “Indications of Happiness”
2016 “Eyes Change” TV Series
2015 “Milano 2015” documentary by six authors, episode “Magic and fast”
2015 “Kids Know” TV Series
2015 “Kids Know” documentary
2014 Documentary “When there was Berlinguer”

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