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Dead Reckoning trailer and previews

July 14, 2023 hits theaters Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part 1the seventh film in the M:I franchise. Tom Cruise returns as Ethan Hunt, a former member of the IMF still leading his team in …

July 14, 2023 hits theaters Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part 1the seventh film in the M:I franchise. Tom Cruise returns as Ethan Hunt, a former member of the IMF still leading his team in a new race against time to save the world.

Plot and Cast

The official plot: “Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One” is the seventh installment in the Mission: Impossible film series and the third in the McQuarrie-directed series, following “Rogue Nation” and “Fallout.” Ethan Hunt returns with his regular team for more secret missions around the world to save us from chaos and destruction.

The cast of the first part of “Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning” includes Ving Rhames, Simon Pegg, Rebecca Ferguson, Vanessa Kirby, Esai Morales, Hayley Atwell, Pom Klementieff, Shea Whigham, Henry Czerny, Cary Elwes, Indira Varma, Mark Gatiss Mark Gatiss, Rob Delaney, Greg Tarzan Davis, Charles Parnell, Frederick Schmidt, Yennis Cheung, Doroteya Toleva and Nico Toffoli.

Mission Impossible 7 – trailer and video

First official Italian trailer released on May 23, 2022

New official clip released on September 7, 2022


  • “Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One” is again directed by American director Christopher McQuarrie, director of Paths of Violence, Jack Reach and two chapters of Mission: Impossible, rogue nation (2015) and To fall (2018).
  • Christopher McQuarrie is directing “Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One” from his screenplay based on the television series created by Bruce Geller.
  • “Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One” is produced by Tom Cruise, JJ Abrams, Christopher McQuarrie, David Ellison and Jake Myers.
  • Tom Cruise and Ving Rhames are the only actors to have starred in all seven films in the series. Simon Pegg has appeared in everyone since the third film.
  • While filming in Britain, Tom Cruise was reportedly very angry with crew members for breaking COVID-19 guidelines (i.e. staying within two meters of each other). another), causing at least five crew members to leave the set. One of the actor’s swear words was published by the US Sun. Some celebrities, including George Clooney, have supported Tom Cruise.
  • The release is scheduled 27 years after the original film, Impossible mission (1996).
  • While filming in Italy, twelve people on set tested positive for COVID-19. As a result, when filming resumed in the UK, Tom Cruise personally paid £500,000 for an old cruiser on which the cast and crew could self-isolate.
  • Announced by the official NASA Twitter in May 2020, an untitled Tom Cruise production will have authentic footage taken aboard the International Space Station. If successful, it will be the first narrative feature film to be shot in space. Right after the NASA tweet, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk replied, “That should be a lot of fun!”
  • Filming in Venice was canceled at the end of February 2020, due to the coronavirus epidemic in northern Italy. Filming was supposed to last three weeks.
  • The film went through three changes to its release date. It was originally scheduled to be released on July 23, 2021, but was delayed to November 19, 2021 due to the hiatus in filming due to the COVID-19 pandemic. On April 9, 2021, Paramount rescheduled the film to May 27, 2022 and inserted Tom Cruise’s other upcoming film, Top Gun: Maverick, to November 19, 2021. September 1, 2021 due to variant concerns. Paramount delayed the film a third time, to September 30, 2022, and entered Top Gun: Maverick to May 27, 2022. On January 21, 2022, Paramount delayed the film again to July 14, 2023.
  • Filming of the seventh and eighth installments was to be done “back to back”, but during production plans changed.
  • What appears to be a preserved Britannia-class steam locomotive (curiously disguised as a French engine) is destroyed by crashing off a cliff into a quarry. In reality, it was a non-functional replica specially commissioned for the stunt sequence.
  • This, along with its sequel “Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part Two” (2024), will be the first Mission: Impossible film shot entirely in digital, unlike the first six films which were all shot on 35mm.
  • Pom Klementieff and Hayley Atwell both starred in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (UCM) as Mantis and Peggy Carter, respectively.
  • Tom Cruise will be 61 when the film opens on July 14, 2023.
  • Footage of Tom Cruise’s next big stunt scene for this movie has been released, which involved riding a motorcycle and skydiving.
  • Esai Morales replaced Nicholas Hoult, who was originally cast as the villain. Hoult was forced to retire due to a scheduling conflict with filming the second season of Hulu’s “The Great,” caused by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and subsequent production delay.
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The controversy over the shooting

It should be noted that during the filming the production of the film was the subject of various controversies in the various countries where it stopped; for example in Norway local unions protested against production for leasing cruise ships from a company with underpaid crews, while in a small town in Poland there were disputes over a bridge local history that could have been skipped; Regarding the bridge issue, Christopher McQuarrie later clarified the issue in an interview with Empire Magazine in which the director said that at the start of pre-production, the “Mission: Impossible” team had designed an action sequence “which involves a bridge over a body of water, ideally one that could be partially destroyed.” According to the director, it was Poland who showed interest in the production by offering to use the broken bridge McQuarrie writes that Poland was trying to clean up the area to promote tourism and needed to upgrade the bridge, meaning part of it had to be destroyed to make way for the upgrades.

Last week, the press announced that the producers of “Mission: Impossible” had requested permission to demolish a 111-year-old bridge in Poland and that in doing so we were destroying some of this country’s wonderful heritage in Poland. entertainment name. I have read many inaccurate stories in which I am named that I normally ignore, but in this case I felt it was important to personally clarify some misinterpretations of our intentions, starting with this: there was never a plan that involved blowing up a 111 year old protected monument… The production of “Mission: Impossible” was limited to destroying the already crumbling parts of the bridge that needed to be rebuilt, and not the original stone pillars.

According to McQuarrie, the controversy surrounding the bridge was fueled by an individual who “claimed he was owed production work for which we felt he was not sufficiently qualified.” This person allegedly harassed the crew members on social networks and then “twisted our intentions” regarding the bridge and “hid his personal reasons for wanting to penalize us”. In short, this individual manipulated people’s emotional reaction in a move that has now undermined our ambitions to bring our production to Poland. We would never dream, under any circumstances, of intentionally causing damage to the cultural or historical monuments we visit and we will work to protect these monuments that we represent. Respecting and celebrating the places we visit is our first directive. No one involved in the production ever asked permission to destroy a historically significant monument in Poland”.

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Oh hello everyone, I didn’t see you. This is Norway in all its glory. #setlife #missionimpossible yes, I’m standing on top of a train. #appropriate

@pom.klementieff and I on set of #missioniimpossible patiently waiting for @officialrebeccaferguson and @vanessa__kirby so we can form a girl group in our free time. I don’t mean to brag, but I’m an absolute knockout in the triangle. Let’s do it.


  • The original music of the film is by the composer Lorne Balfe (6 Underground, Bad Boys for Life, Ghost in the Shell, Black Widow, Tomorrow’s War, Ambulance). Balfe and Tom Cruise have previously teamed up for Mission: Impossible – Fallout, Top Gun: Maverick and of course Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part Two.

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