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Criminals Like Us with Riccardo Darin on Rai 3

Cast and characters Ricardo Darin: Fermin PerlassiLuis Brandoni: Antonio FontanaChino Darin: Rodrigo PerlassiVeronica Llinás as Lidia PerlassiDaniel Aráoz as Rolo BelaundeCarlos Belloso: MedinaMarco Caponi: HernanRita CorteseCarmen LargioAndrés Parra: Fortunato Manzi Italian comedians Paolo Marchese as …

Cast and characters

Ricardo Darin: Fermin Perlassi
Luis Brandoni: Antonio Fontana
Chino Darin: Rodrigo Perlassi
Veronica Llinás as Lidia Perlassi
Daniel Aráoz as Rolo Belaunde
Carlos Belloso: Medina
Marco Caponi: Hernan
Rita CorteseCarmen Largio
Andrés Parra: Fortunato Manzi

Italian comedians

Paolo Marchese as Fermin Perlassi
Davide Perino: Rodrigo Perlassi
Dario Oppido: Antonio Fontana
Stefano De Sando as Rolo Belaunde
Sonia ScottiCarmen Largio
Marco Vivio: Hernan
Riccardo Rossi: Fortunato Manzi

Plot and Cast

Argentina, December 2001. A group of friends and neighbors pool all their savings to reactivate an agricultural cooperative and relaunch the economy of their city. The day after everyone puts their money in the bank, Argentina’s banking system and economy collapse and they lose everything they had. But before long, they discover that they are not only the victims of the dissolution of the financial structure of their country, but that they have also been the target of the swindle orchestrated by a lawyer and bank manager little scrupulous who tricked them into taking advantage of the situation. . Turned to the heist film, the film chronicles the adventures of ordinary women and men in a provincial town who join forces and enact a plan to reclaim what is rightfully theirs.


  • The film has been described as “Ocean’s Eleven meets I Soliti Ignoti in the Argentine countryside”.
  • Sebastián Borensztein (What is it raining from the sky?, Captain Kóblic) is directing “Criminals like us” from a screenplay he wrote with Eduardo Sacheri and from a novel (“La noche de la usina”) of the latter.
  • Sebastián Borensztein is the son of Tato Bores, pseudonym of Mauricio Borensztein (1927 – 1996), Argentine comedian and television personality specializing in political satire.
  • The film stars Ricardo Darin who starred in the famous The secret of his eyes (2009), winner of the Oscar for best foreign film.
  • The movie shown in the middle of the movie that later inspired their modus operandi is “How to Steal a Million” starring Peter O’Toole.
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Director’s Notes

It is 2001 and Argentina is undergoing an economic and financial crisis that has bankrupted millions of people, plunging them into despair. It is in this context that a group of individuals from the most diverse socio-economic backgrounds decided to join forces to challenge the establishment, represented in this case by the lawyer Manzi and the bank manager Alvarado. Their goal is to reclaim the dream they were brutally deprived of by carrying out a plan they are far from qualified to enact. It is a fantasy, an ideal to aspire to, but it is also a highly improbable undertaking and as such exerts a singular magnetic force. Central to the story is the journey this group of mere mortals must undertake to confront the system. At certain moments in the story and in certain traits of the characters, there are passages that can be associated with Italian neorealism and facilitate empathy with the whole story told. I’m also tempted to say that the film is part of the comedy genre, but when I’m about to do it I inevitably think of the dark and dramatic parts that structure certain moments of the plot. In these passages, I tried to establish a deep connection with the emotions, avoiding any melodramatic temptation. [Sebastián Borensztein]

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Who is Sebastian Borensztein?

Sebastián Borensztein (April 22, 1963, Buenos Aires) is an award-winning screenwriter and director. He won the Goya Prize, awarded by the Spanish Academy of Cinema, for the best Ibero-American film with What rains from the sky? (2011). He previously directed and co-wrote memory of sin (2008) for Lionsgate Entertainment and Grupo Televisa and before that he wrote and directed The suerte is echada (2005). Before debuting as a feature film screenwriter, Borensztein was one of Argentina’s most prolific and successful television producers, directors and screenwriters.

The original novel

Eduardo Alfredo Sacheri is an Argentinian university professor and writer born in Castelar on December 13, 1967. He studied history and began his career as a literary author writing short stories, especially stories about the world of football. His first novel was “The secret of his eyes” (2005) which relates the investigation of a case of rape and murder by a bailiff; the book in 2009 was adapted into a film by Juan José Campanella and received an Oscar for best foreign film.

The official synopsis of the novel: During the economic crisis that led to the traumatic bank run of 2001, a group of men decided to raise the sum of money necessary to acquire abandoned silos located on an agro-industrial property. But before they’ve even finished the project, a scam causes them to hit rock bottom and react to the injustice. Now it’s about robbing the thief himself. This novel tells the story of a well-deserved collective revenge waged during a legendary night that will be remembered forever. Eduardo Sacheri creates in “La noche de la usina” a narrative microcosm populated by a group of heroic losers, protagonists of a chimerical, moving and deeply human epic. The book won the 2016 Alfaguara de novela prize created by the Penguin Random House publishing group founded in 1964 whose mission is to bet on Spanish and Latin American literature, building a two-way street for books published by two sides of the Atlantic.

The novel “La noche de la usina” is available in Spanish on Amazon.

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  • The original music of the film is by the composer Federico Jusid (The Secret of His Eyes, The Ideal Family, Escobar – The Spell of Evil, Conspiracy – The Conspiracy, TV series The Heirs of the Earth and Feria – The Darkest Light). Jusid and director Sebastián Borensztein also collaborated on the detective story Captain Koblic.


1. Esa Es la Señal 2:50
2. Cortina de Humo 2:16
3. A good idea 1:19
4. Go to Hacer las Cosas Bien 1:01
5. Rodrigo 3:52
6. Y Our Fuimos for Buenos Aires 1:57
7. Athanasius Medina 2:25
8. Algo Tenemos Que Hacer 1:58
9. The Method 2:08
10. Fermín has an idea 1:56
11. Oppositeloj 3:45
12. Suena la Alarma 2:18
13. Perlassi, Viejo and Peludo 1:02
14. Salen Race 1:57
15. The Logramos 2:17

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