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Premiere in original version on November 7 and 8 and #soloalcinema from December 1 One Piece Movie: Red, the new animated feature film based on the iconic manga by Eiichirō Oda distributed by Anime Factory, …

Premiere in original version on November 7 and 8 and #soloalcinema from December 1 One Piece Movie: Red, the new animated feature film based on the iconic manga by Eiichirō Oda distributed by Anime Factory, label of Plaion Pictures. “One Piece Film: Red” will be the 15th film in the series and will be a new adventure starring Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates as the film delves into the mysterious character of Shanks the Red, one of the four emperors, as well as the pirate who inspired and pushed child Luffy to become a pirate and the father of new character Uta.

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the manga (record with more than half a billion copies sold to date worldwide) and of the anime television series of the manga with more than 1000 episodes broadcast in 80 countries, Luffy and the Straw Hat Crew return to the big screen with a must-see film that sees the first deep involvement as a producer from auteur Eiichiro Oda and achieved outstanding results at the worldwide box office.

In Japan, the film is for all intents and purposes the highest-grossing of the franchise, has grossed over €86 million to date with over 8.6 million tickets sold; marked the second-best debut in Japanese cinema history, and is the highest-grossing anime of 2022. The film also opened with a very strong box office in France, with nearly 900,000 admissions and is still in just under 600 rooms in its fourth weekly lineup.

The parcel

The official plot: Uta, the world’s most beloved singer, whose voice has been defined as “from another world”, is also famous for hiding her true identity and another secret: Uta is the daughter of Shanks! For the first time, she decided to reveal her face to the world during a live concert! The concert arena, held on the island of Elegia, fills with all of its fans, including infamous pirates, members of the Navy, and the Straw Hat Pirates led by Luffy, all determined to enjoy of this highly anticipated singing performance. The concert begins and the audience discovers that the exceptional power of Uta’s voice hides a danger that could change the world. It will then be up to Luffy and Shanks to act. Amid so many twists and turns, the battle for freedom is about to begin…

One Piece Film Red – trailer and video

The official trailers in the original language

Official courts in the original language

First official trailer with Italian subtitles released on July 22, 2022

Second official trailer with Italian subtitles released on July 22, 2022

Third official trailer with Italian subtitles released on September 6, 2022

First official trailer in Italian released on September 13, 2022

New official trailer in Italian released on September 19, 2022

The preview at Lucca Comics & Games

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Anime Factory, a label owned by Plaion Pictures, is pleased to announce that “One Piece Film: Red” directed by Goro Taniguchi and produced by TOEI Animation, the highly anticipated new movie based on Eiichiro Oda’s manga, will premiere with a unmissable national event preview Saturday October 29 at Lucca Comics & Games 2022 in the presence of the director and Masayuki Sato, Director of Animation & Character Designer. The preview is part of a series of initiatives by TOEI Animation Europe that will come to life during the days of the event (October 28 – November 1) and will make it the biggest event ever in Italy dedicated to property. One Piece.

Pre-sales tickets to Lucca Comics & Games 2022 (required to access the film’s national premiere) are available HERE.

Action Figures and Merchandise

One Piece – Manga & Anime

“One Piece” originated as a July 22, 1997 serialized manga series in Shūeisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine. The story follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy aka Rubber, a boy whose body acquired the properties of rubber after unwittingly eating the devil fruit. Along with his pirate crew, the Straw Hat Crew, Rubber explores the Grand Line in search of the legendary “One Piece” treasure and pursues the dream of becoming the new Pirate King.

The manga has spawned a multimedia franchise that includes an anime series produced by Toei Animation, which debuted in Japan in 1999, 14 anime films, various merchandise (trading cards, gadgets, action figures, etc.) and many video games.

“One Piece” received praise for its storytelling, graphic style, characterizations, and humor. Several volumes of the manga broke editorial records in Japan, including the highest initial series ever. The manga also set a Guinness World Record for “the most copies published for the same comic book series by a single author”. As of August 2019, with 454 million copies sold worldwide, One Piece has become the best-selling manga series in history. “One Piece” is one of the highest-grossing franchises of all time that has generated estimated total revenues of over $21 billion.

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Eiichirō Oda, mangaka born in 1975, made his debut at the age of 17 with the first book “Wanted!” who has won numerous awards, including second place in the Tezuka Prize. This led Oda to work at Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine, where he first worked as an assistant on Shinobu Kaitani’s “Suizan Police Gang” series before moving to Masaya Tokuhiro and working on “Jungle King Tar-chan” and “Mizu no Tomodachi”. Kappaman”, which had a great influence on his artistic style. At the age of 19, Oda began working as Nobuhiro Watsuki’s assistant collaborating on “Kenshin samurai wanderer”, a period during which he won the Hop Step award for new manga artists. Watsuki thanks Oda for helping create the character of Honjō Kamatari who appears in “Kenshin Samurai Wanderer”. Meanwhile, Oda draws two pirate-themed stories called “Romance Dawn”, which were published in Akamaru Jump and Weekly Shōnen Jump respectively in late 1996. “Romance Dawn” featured Monkey D. Luffy as the protagonist, who later became the protagonist. by One Piece. For the tenth feature film of One Piece, “Adventure on the Flying Islands”, Oda created the film’s story, drew more than 120 drawings as a guide, and insisted that Mr. Children provide the song used in the soundtrack. of the movie. Also in 2007, Oda teamed up with Akira Toriyama on a crossover titled “Cross Epoch”, which features characters from Toriyama’s Dragon Ball and Oda’s One Piece.

Netflix’s live-action television series

Netflix is ​​preparing a live-action television series adaptation of “One Piece” that follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his pirate crew as they explore a fantasy world of endless oceans and exotic seeking islands. of the world’s last treasure. known as “One Piece” to become the next Pirate King.

The series stars Iñaki Godoy (Go, Youth!, Who Killed Sara?) as Monkey D. Luffy, Mackenyu (Rurouni Kenshin: Final Chapter, Pacific Rim: Uprising) as Roronoa Zoro, Emily Rudd (Fear Street , Hunters) as Nami, Jacob Romero Gibson (Greenleaf, All Rise) as Usopp, Taz Skylar (Boiling Point, Villain) as Sanji, Morgan Davies (The Evil Dead) as Koby, Ilia Isorelýs Paulino (The Sex Lives of College Girls) as Alvida, Aidan Scott (Action Point) as Helmeppo, Jeff Ward (Hacks) as Buggy, McKinley Belcher III (Ozark) as Arlong, and Vincent Regan (Troy) as Garp.

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Steven Maeda is co-writer, showrunner and executive producer of One Piece, and Matt Owens is also co-writer and executive producer. The 10-episode series hails from Tomorrow Studios and One Piece publisher Shueisha.

One Piece Movies

Since 2000, fifteen films have been produced with stories unrelated to the main plot of the manga and anime, often reinterpretations of parts of them.

One Piece – For All The Gold In The World – March 4, 2000
One Piece – Spiral Island Adventure – March 3, 2001 (accompanied by the short film “Jango’s Dance Carnival”)
One Piece – The King’s Treasure – March 2, 2002. (accompanied by the short film “Dream Soccer King”)
One Piece – Death Trap – March 1, 2003
One Piece – Seven Star Sword – March 6, 2004 (accompanied by the short film “Take Aim! The Pirate Baseball King”).
One Piece – Baron Omatsuri’s Secret Island – March 5, 2005
One Piece – Mysteries of Clockwork Island – March 4, 2006
One Piece – A Friendship Beyond the Boundaries of the Sea – March 3, 2007
One Piece – Miracle of the Cherry Blossoms – March 1, 2008
One Piece – Flying Islands Adventure – December 12, 2009 (accompanied by the short film “Episode 0” taking place 25 years before the beginning of the narration)
One Piece 3D – Straw Hat Chase – March 19, 2011
One Piece Movie: Z – December 15, 2012 (accompanied by a short film entitled “Glorious Island”)
One Piece Gold – The Movie – July 23, 2016 (accompanied by a short film called “Gold Episode”)
One Piece Stampede – The Movie – August 9, 2019
One Piece Movie: Red – August 6, 2022


  • The original music of the film is by the composer Yasutaka Nakata (6 February 1980), musician, DJ, record producer, songwriter, composer and mastering engineer. He formed the group “Capsule” in 1997 with vocalist Toshiko Koshijima and himself as a songwriter and record producer when they were both 17 years old. The group debuted in 2001 with the song “Sakura”. He is known for being the music producer for Japanese girl group Perfume and Japanese model-turned-singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu since 2003 and 2011 respectively.
  • Virgin Music has released the album which features vocals from the film performed by Japanese singer Ado. The album with the 8 tracks played by Ado is available on Amazon.

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