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A world beneath social trailers and film previews with I Soldi Spicci

From September 15 at the cinema with Medusa A sub-social worldsecond foray on the big screen, later The bad Futina, by the Sicilian comic duo “I Soldi Spicci”, a social phenomenon composed of Claudio Casisa …

From September 15 at the cinema with Medusa A sub-social worldsecond foray on the big screen, later The bad Futina, by the Sicilian comic duo “I Soldi Spicci”, a social phenomenon composed of Claudio Casisa and Annandrea Vitrano who for the occasion are also making their directorial debut.

Plot and Cast

The official plot: Roccapinola is a typical Sicilian village by the sea, beautiful in many ways, but it is certainly not the place “where things happen”, and above all it is not the place where you can become famous with the language of the new millennium, that of social networks. . The sacred place of web dreamers is Milan. And this is where Claudio Casisa dreams of moving, but unable to do so for a thousand reasons and excuses, our protagonist has tried to recreate a small Milan in Sicily by giving life to CASISOCIAL, a web marketing agency that aims to create the new star influencer inspired by the myth Nadia Zingales, beautiful, and a point of reference for all Italian influencers. Anna lives in the same village, with her father who raised her alone after her mother’s death. Partly by passion and partly by paternal imprint, Anna works as a mechanic in the workshop of her father Antonio. Claudio and Anna meet directly in the workshop where Claudio goes with his team of influencers to make publicity posts. The two aren’t exactly nice, but an unexpected opportunity presents itself to Anna in this social world she avoids. Anna, reluctant at first, agrees to prove to her father that she is capable of it, but also because the money earned would allow her to realize a dream linked to her mother. Claudio begins a real training camp for Anna in order to make her more sociable and feminine, but Anna, exhausted and without encouraging results, decides one evening to make a video in which she shows herself as she is, true and sincere: without filters. The position immediately achieves unprecedented success making Anna a star and Claudio a successful manager. From this moment, the two protagonists will be involved in various vicissitudes which will make them get closer at first and then separate due to drooling and profiteering characters, and a finale full of twists and turns.

The cast of “Un mondo sotto social” in addition to the duo “I Soldi Spicci” also includes Ernesto Maria Ponte, Angelo Tosto, Rosario Petix, Emanuela Mulè, Miriam Taze, Giulia Elettra Gorietti, Marco Stabile, Matteo Contino, Alessandro Pennacchio, Giulia Todaro, Francesca Bella, Alessandra Ricotta, Ivan Fiore, Giovanni Cangialosi, Gino Carista, Caterina Salemi and Piero Madaro.

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A World Under Social – trailers and videos


  • The film marks the second feature film and the first realization of the Sicilian comedy duo “I Soldi Spicci”, the Sicilian comedy duo composed of Claudio Casisa and Annandrea Vitrano and launched by YouTube. The two actors have behind them theater studies with Claudio who is also the author of comic texts while Annandrea is a graduate in modern languages ​​and cultures and is trained as a theater teacher. “I Soldi Spicci” made its film debut in 2018 with “La Fuitina Sbagliata” directed by Mimmo Esposito.
  • Claudio Casisa and Annandrea Vitrano are directing “Un mondo sotto social” from their screenplay written with Salvatore Rinaudo and Marco Alessi, both co-authors of “La Fuitina Sbagliata”, a previous film by Casisa and Vitrano.
  • The team supporting co-directors Claudio Casisa and Annandrea Vitrano behind the scenes included editor Lorenzo Peluso (La Fuitina Sbagliata, San Valentino Stories), cinematographer Federico Angelucci (La Fuitina Sbagliata, La Scuola più ‘bella del Mondo), costume designer Rossella Aprea (La Fuitina Sbagliata, San Valentino Stories) and set designer Paolo Previti (La Fuitina Sbagliata, Picciridda – Feet in the Sand).
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Director’s Notes

We are 30 years old, 1.5 million followers on Facebook, 600,000 on Youtube and Instagram and half a million on Tik Tok, social networks are our daily bread. For 10 years we have been telling our vision of the world through video language. We literally saw the birth of the influencer profession and, perhaps, in our own way, we too have become one. It is precisely for this reason to live and work that we asked ourselves some questions: if we were teenagers today, what would our vision of the world be? Would we feel inadequate, uncomfortable or on the contrary full of self, bright and confident? Would we be concerned with being popular and constantly accepted? But above all, how will our children grow up in a world where “following” someone inevitably influences personality? In “Un monde sous social” we want to tell our time, we want to tell a story that could happen, yet with the flavor of a modern fairy tale, we want to imagine, for an hour and a half , which is what would happen if everyone followed an influencer totally outside the conventional canon. With the adventure of our protagonists, Anna and Claudio, we also want to tell how, through the discovery of one’s uniqueness, one can survive in the 21st century. Claudio, social media manager, believes that to become someone you have to leave your homeland, he measures the level of personal happiness with the popularity thermometer. Deve scontrarsi, però, con un universo totallymente diverso da suo, quello di Anna, una donna pragmatica, un meccanico, un’outsider, fuori dal suo tempo, che ha le mani talmente tanto sporche di olio motore da non vol nemmeno lontanamente toccare un portable. They live together the upheaval of their own convictions until they love each other as they really are, without filters! It’s a story that came to get us, because we are not foreign judges, we are not those of “In my time it was better”, we are the ones who live there on social networks, we are executioners and often also victims, we want to say that we are learning, that social networks are capable of overwhelming you, of making you forget what you really love, of making you believe that the approval of others is necessary… but this does not happen if we manage to dominate them and live with them without losing our uniqueness. Perhaps in a few years, when the awareness of using social media will be more mature, we will look back and feel proud to have pioneered an extraordinary and inclusive new medium of communication. [I Soldi Spicci]

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  • The original music of “Un mondo sotto social” is by Gianni Gallo & Maurizio Bosnia (Too Neapolitan, San Valentino Stories. The duo is on their second collaboration with “I Soldi Spicci” after setting their first film “la Fuitina Sbagliata” to music.

Photos and posters

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